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knife sparpness

does anyone know how to keep good maintenence and keep it sharp?? how do you make a knife sharper?? could someone please help me??
A good kitchen steel is the best way to maintain an edge,IMHO. It won't remove a measurable amount of steel from a blade, but will realign an edge, and keep it shaving sharp.

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I am no expert, but since I purchased a Spyderco Sharpmaker, I am able to sharpern and maintain my knives as if I were. I just followed the directions that came with the unit. It is great.
I have a Lansky system, an use the fine grit stones to keep my knives at a nice, sharp and constant edge. You can always get a little crock-stick and use it to touch up the blade once in a while, but the Lansky system is best for me because I can get the exact angles I want, coated blades are in danger of looking crappy after a sitting with a non-guided sharpening system.

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Joe Talmadge has gone to the trouble of making a sharpening FAQ for this very forum http://www.bladeforums.com/features/faqsharp.html and it is very informative and useful.

I like the Lansky for jobs that require the old how’s your father, but I like to use the Spyderco 204 before I get on the job.

Please try to learn to do it without making someone else wealthy by buying some "system" or another.

Get a stone, steel, and have at it. The local library has numerous books on tools, as well as books concerning woodworking and woodcarving that give excellent direction. Even an old Boy Scout Manual is a good start. But remember that folks managed to get things absolutely ungodly sharp long before other folks found they could make a quick and questionable buck by putting cheap stones and things into jigs and clamps and selling them to the credulous.

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Hey man I am no pro but i have seen and sharpened a lot of knives, the best thing to do is get a guided system like a Lansky or the like. Use one of them their pretty much fool proof or get my fav a razor edge system, they rock. And as time goes on try sharpening by hand without a guide. I can get anythin razor sharp by hand but only because of practice so just keep at it! Never stop tryin! There thats my two cents worth. Geoff
If the edge is bad, I use a kitchen steel first. Then a ceramic "steel" and finish it on a leather pad impregnated with jewlers rouge. Now my edge is shaving sharp and usually only needs to be touched up with the leather, or after a long workout, ceramic first.

On my heavier duty knives, large bowies, Kukri's, etc. I only go as far as the ceramic. It is still shaving sharp although you can feel a bit a pull you don't get with the other method I use for my smaller (under 8" blade) knives.

Good luck.