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knife specs needed

Does anyone have any thoughts on the S&W SWAT G-10? I'm looking for something a little smaller than my AFCK with geometry alot like the SWAT (I hate that name).
Thanks in advance

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
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The S&W name picked up some negative connotations with their caving on gun control, and the knives never had much of a reputation ... they're just S&W branded, not the proud product of a known manufacturer.

Check out some of the better known brands for inexpensive and reliable counterparts: Spyderco, CRKT, Cold Steel, Benchmade all put out reasonably priced knives that will beat anything S&W put their logo on.
Dude I got three of the SWAT knive and they are crap. The liner lock fails all the time. Steel is not great. So do check out other brands like Spyderco, BM, MT. U get what you pay for. Well, at least most of the time. Hope this helps.


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If you like the AFCK, they do make a mini
I have a S&W SWAT, it is the SS handled one with the intergral lock instead of a liner lock, it doesn't do too bad, but it's still a POS. I would go hunt down some cheap lower end Spydies if you want a good work knife. Some of the Benchmades arent' bad either, but they will become increasing hard to find for a bit as most were discontinued, only one left it the 350 I think.
Thanks for the input.
I've looked at a number of crkt and spydercos, but the blades are always too "pointy" (I actually use my knife to spread peanut butter)
The mini AFCK is too small, i'm really looking for a blade about 3.5" and closed length no more than 4 3/4 (if longer it jabs me constantly-I've ground down the scales on my AFCK but it's still too long)
I'm surprised to hear the S&W lock fails- I can't imagine a Walker lock failing easily- what actually happens to it? Do the metal scales use a different lock?
I believe that the metal scales use an intergral lock, or a mono-lock type lock instead of a liner lock. I haven't looked at mine for a while as it is buried in a tool box, but I do believe it is a different system.
(nodding vigorously) go with crkt or spyderco. you wont be sorry you did. or if you want something to spread pb with buy a lock back drop point,but again,not something cheap.
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