knife spotting (mummy)

Feb 13, 1999
Did any of you forumites get a good look at the knife Brendan Fraser used to cut the bug out of john's skin? The camera moved away pretty quickly so I didn't get a good look.

I just saw the mummy and saw the knife, it was very fast but i believe it was either a Pat Crawford Assasin or a Benchmade Leopard, or something similar.

How's that for Hollywood realism a hi-tech knife back in the 30's by a maker that wasn't even born yet That was like the Coldsteel in Platoon. Gee I didn't know L.Thompson was in business back in the 60's during the Nam War.He looks a lot younger then he really is I guess LOL.
The knife to me had the handle and blade of a PC or BM balisong. Also, listen to the handles and watch his shoulder and arm move as he is opening the blade. Did any of you guys catch the Kerambit (nasty little blade with the pinky hook) he took out of the leather weapon roll? This solidifies my Balisong position as these weapons come roughly from the same part of the world.

Butterflies were not entirely unkown during this time period, but seriously guys, are we looking for realism in THIS movie??? The Americans were fanning off eight and nine shots from their Colt six guns, if we wanna get technical, and let us not forget the entire premise of the movie, the story...

On the up side, when it started you had no doubt you were in for a HUGE movie that would entertain and let you make little scurrying noises to freak your lady friend out after hours (or she would do this to you!)

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Okay've seen the movie MUMMY. Is it worth the price of admission? Is it really good? Does it match Raiders of the Lost Ark? Is it even better than the Star wars thingee????

Well I just got back after watching the first half. . . we were rudely interrupted by the fire alarm
But yes it was definately worth the price of admission. Surprisingly good. On another forum there was a discussion on comparing the hero to Bruce Campbell's from Army of Darkness.

Good as Raider's of the Lost Ark/Star Wars? No.

No, I was never lost. But I was mighty bewildered one time for three days.

--- Daniel Boone
Wasn't it an early Cold Steel push knife that cameod in Platoon?
I think the push dagger was called the Terminator. I have one and that's what the little pamphlet in the box says. The outside of the box says Magnum Skinner.

Did you see the Spyderco in the beginning of Entrapment?


Just got back from seeing Mummy today, and it is definitely worth the money. It has a Raiders flair with awesome effects. The knife was a balisong of some sort, you can tell by the way he flips it open. That scene was pretty gross too, those bugs are nasty!
Balisong of some kind for sure. Great movie! Check a large part of your brain and your ability to count the number of shots fired by a revolver at the door and have fun with it.
BTW what were those revolvers he had in the double shoulder rig. I was thinking Adams .455s or maybe early Webleys. It would have been even cooler with 2 repro .577 Tranters or Blands.
The movie is definitely worth watching. I thought it was a strict horror movie, based on previous trailers and commercials. But it turned out to be a mix of action and comedy. It is a really refreshing change of pace from the "regular" horror movies. Rather than scaring til your heart stop, you would actually have fun watching this movie. It is definitely worth the price.

On a Spear Point smiling face scale from zero to five, The Mummy gets:

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Yes I beleive a Balisong in the mummy!! And some CS Gurkha's?
COOL EFFECTS and A CUTE Leading Woman....And one very ugly MUMMY!!!
Seems there are a lot of us that have the same taste in flics.

The movie was very entertaining. There was more "Raiders" type humor than I expected. That made it all the more enjoyable. Well done with great special effects. I had fun with the friend next to me - she hated those scarrobes (sp). Now that I think about it, there was a touch of "Big Trouble in Little China" thrown in. Don't let me mislead you. This was a much better movie.

Later - TY
thanks for adding to this everyone:
I did think it was a balisong from the pic of it when i saw the handle, but the way he opened it, i didn't have enough light so i couldn't really tell, i am glad other people saw the same thing i did.

(as for realistic, that wasn't expected.)
A handsome Hero, beautiful heroine, Evil villan, great special effects, a large dose of humor, a touch of horror, and a lot of edged toys through out. An all around fun movie!