Knife Spotting

Jan 21, 1999
In the movie "The Saving of Private Ryan" at one part they show a "Hitler Youth Knife'. I don't collect Nazi stuff but I have that knife. Mines a reproduction I'm sure as it says made in Germany on the sheath but the blade is Huerbert or something then Solingen. I don't have it here but the blade has some ominous sounding German phrase etched into it that I've never translated. I was always going to put new handle pieces on it, because of the swastica and all, and use it as a utility knife. But I may keep it as it is now.
I was watching CNN today and they showed footage of a British infantryman in Albania sharpening a khukuri. Anyone else catch it?

never a dull moment
I am not a collector of Nazi knives, but I can tell you two thing about them:

1) the market is awash with fakes. Some believe that there were more Hittler Youth Daggers made in the last thirty years than were made during the Nazi times. Many of the fakes are quite good.

2) the market has largely fallen out for all Nazi stuff in the last few years. Prices are way down.

I beleive that there is a maker called "Hubertus" or something. Prob. the one you have. What phrase is etched in to the blade?
If you post it here when you find it, I might be able to translate.

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It is Hubertus and it has a segmented circle and cross logo. The etching says "Blut und Ehre!".
I believe the translation is "Blood and Honor."

Last evening on NBC, I think, in a TV movie named "The Chameleon" the small boy was given a utility/combat knife (generic kabar) with uncoated steel.

Bruce Woodbury