knife steel

Apr 16, 2001
I want to start making knives. What should be the first type of steel I should use? Does it have to be heat treated? Thanks
If you want to make a usable knife, any steel will need to be heat treated. A good starting steel is 1095 because it's relatively cheap and easy to work. Only drawback is it'll rust real easy if you don't take care of it.
What kind of tools do you have??

Take care!! Michael

Always think of your fellow knife makers as partners in the search for the perfect blade, not as people trying to compete with you and your work!
I currently don't have a web site but am working on one.
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I have every thing but a belt grinder. I have 25+ years of welding and grinding for a living ,but not knives. I am semi-retired and have a lot of time on my hands. All I am doing is getting fater.