Knife Storage


Nov 1, 1998
What do you guys use to store your knife collections?
Right now, its just me & my wife in the house so I basically use one of those rubbermaid tackle boxes. I've also seen an internet dealer selling what looks like a nylon briefcase. Well, my wife is pregnant so I think I'll need a more secure storage place for my knives. I was thinking about just getting a locking tackle box but the tackle box thing sounds pretty crude considering I'm storing my precious babies. Just curious how everyone else stores their collections.
Heck store them I carry them all around with me. It is getting a little harder some of the places I go my wheel barrel won't fit.

Ok when I am home I use a wooden machinest tool box. They are great. The drawers are lined with felt. Very nice setup and you can getthem in a lot of diff. price ranges.

-Greg Johnson

Wooden Cigar boxes work great.You can get them in any cigar store for between $1-3.They come in all sorts of sizes and hold up very well. For showing them , you can get glass front display cases at many gun/knife shows at very reasonable rates.(I believe they are called museum cases ).
I don't like any Rubbermaid storage boxes.
I've had some knives rust very badly in them.
Instead of keeping the moisture out, I think they keep the moisture in.
I'm going to look into the cigar boxes idea.
Until then, throw out all your clothes and keep them in your dresser.
If your like me and have a few guns (ok alot) around and have a gun safe, they fit nicley into the ammo drawers and if necessary move the ammo into the correct weapons to make room for future additions to the collection. Seriously though, I would suggest education your child to the dangers of sharp and pointy objects on a regular basis at about the age of 1, you will be amazed at where the little buggers can get to as soon as they have crawling mastered (my youngest is now 3) and at what they get their hands on. My son has on many occasions gotten ahold of scissors which were left down by my wife and daughters, fortunatly he knew what they could/would do to fingers and he demonstrated this fact on a couple of school books. Just my opinion but I believe that education is the most important key to safety.


I try to learn more by keeping my ears and eyes open and mouth shut such practices mean that I'm going to be a "junior member" when I retire!

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Since I am starting to pick up more knives, I needed some type of storage box to keep them in so that the kids don't have ready access.

I was at a gun show today and picked up a Pelican case (you know, the water tight ones
). It is definitely big enough and if I ever drop it in the bathtub, it should keep that water out!!

hcubed; good idea to keep the knives in air/water tight containers.

Wipe them down with Tuf-Cloth before you close the box.

I suggest using VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor); this is available as small plastic tabs which have the VCI impregnated through the plastic, or the VCI crystals, which you can scatter on the bottom of the container. The VCI fills the container with a harmless vapor which protects the contents from corrosion, whether ferrous or nonferrous metal. VCI is available from Brownells, or other firearms accessory places.

Another good idea is to put one or two silica gel air dryers in the container. These are small perforated aluminum cans with silica gel inside, and a clear spot so you can see what the silica gel looks like; there is a cobalt salt in the silica gel that is blue when the silica gel is dry, and pink when the silica gel is saturated with water. You put these cans in the oven to drive the water out of the silica gel and rejuvenate them.

Hope this keeps your future bright (groan) Walt