Knife Stores in DC

I will be in DC on business and would like to visit area knife stores, especially those which sell custom knives.

May 21, 1999
Chesapeake Knife and Tool is in the Georgetown Mall. That's the only one I know of in DC. They have a web site. Maybe Phantom, Fuller or some of the other DC Knifenuts might see this thread and suggest something in the suburbs.
Good luck.
I live in Va., and I've been to the Chesapeake Knife and Tool in Springfield Mall (if it's still there) and the cutlery store in Tyson's II. It's either a Hoffritz or a Cutlery World; all I can remember about all three places (it's been a year or so) is that they sell at skyrocket retail prices, but they did have custom knives from area makers when I was there. This helps about none, eh? DC residents chime in!

Check the phone book for all the local Chesapeake Knife and Tool stores. They all carry some customs but it would be best to call to see what they have first. The Gentleman Hunter in Bethesda had a boat load of customs on consignment a while back. No cheap junk here, it was all first rate, but again I would suggest you call ahead to see what they have if its going to a long trek from where you are staying. Good luck and let us know if you find anything interesting.


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There's also a Chesapeake Knife and Tool in Whiteflint Mall, and it's on the Metro red line (While Flint Metro stop). If you have a vehicle, there's Knife Center of the Internet in Beltsville. Not sure if Howard Korn carries any customs. You might want to check the website to see.

The best stores are either up in Frederick (on Market street) or just south of Baltimore (A.M.H. Cutlery). I haven't been to the Frederick store (don't remember the name).

Here is the only particular I have at hand:

A.M.H. Cutlery
701 Evelyn Avenue
Linthicum, MD 21090

M-F 12-6, 410-636-0880 (a call first is highly recommended)

Rob's dad, Hoag, is a real old time knife guy and it's worth the trip up there just to talk to Hoag. It's a little hard to find and they don't keep strict hours (they spend a lot of time traveling around to knife shows).

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The knife shop in Frederick is the Edge Works, located on N.Market Street; there is also a shop further west,on Main Street in Hancock, called The Knife Corner. Both shops have good proprietors, and a mix of traditional, modern & fantasy knives

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Hey, MB, if you can be in DC on 7/21/99,l join us for lunch at the China Doll near 7th & H Sts, NW. at 12:00 Noon. Good food and good talk prevail. See DC Knife Knuts II for directions.

Walk in the Light,
I liked the knife store in Hancock. They have selection of knives covering a wide range of quality and prices, even a few customs. They also carry knife making supplies. They are friendly and it seems like a good store to me. At least one of the 2 proprietors is into knife making, so they can speak from experience.
I would take what I hear at CK&T with a grain or two of salt, were I you. It has been my experience that, although you may occasionally find a knife-knowledgeable person in their shops, most don't know/don't care. Interestingly enough, one of the more knowledgeable was a young woman at the Springfield Mall store. She knew about such things as BM Axis Lock and showed/explained it to me. She was very excited about the REKAT Carnivore that I showed her and wanted to know where to get one. I suggested BF Store.

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That young woman at the Springfield Mall seems like a gem to me. She had the interest and enough knowledge that I really enjoyed talking to her. Don't remember her name though.
If one of you DC-KN's has a Sebenzas, could you bring it to the lunch? I want to see what all the fuss is about. Must be a great knife, everyone seems to have one except me.
A Sebenza is too high-end for me. I guess at least 2 of us can drool before lunch. Maybe I should bring some bibs!

Any of you DC KNs got a Sebenza?
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Dave Fulton - When you check out the Knife Corner in Hancock; you might as well check out Henderschots 2 blocks west. You don't
find a gun shop like that one very often.
From: Ivan 6-23-99 1014PM EDT If I am not mistaken, that knife shop in Hancock is where one of the guys running it told me he could get silver dollars for $3.00 each if one bought 300 at a time. Me and a friend of mine didnt pursue the offer because it didnt sound right and other people told me the same thing. There was a fairly decent selection of knives including some autos which one cannot sell in Maryland. One can own them but not sell them. This is surely The Peoples Republic of Maryland Ivan
If the youhg lady at Springfield Mall CK&T is the same one I met, she takes part of her pay in knives, and thanks the manager. The day I was there, she was taking a sword from the display and putting it under the counter to take home that night. One other guy there is very knowlegeable, too.