Knife stores in NYC

May 24, 1999
Other than Paragon... Anyone know of any?

Thanks much,

BTW for anyone that cares, I decided on the

i assume you meant that area code to be (212).

I live in nyc and have never heard of this place in the World Trade Center. what's it like? i would think the prices are really close to MSRP. true?

I spend most of my "knife" time on-line due to the dearth of stores here.

- J.B.

My error 212 is correct. The store is similar to the ones malls. They carry kitchen knives, razors, swords (some) spydercos, BM's and your usual inexpensive knives.
I've shopped at the WTC shop, it's so so..
Nothing exotic, mostly SAK's, razors, cigar cutters (not Al-Mar though), your kitchen knives and some sharpening equipment.
Nothing ever caught my eye like it does in Paragon.
There's some kind of "art or antiques" place with fancy engraved knives that I recall seeing in one of the knife magazines. I'll have to look it up.
Ed E
If you're willing to venture a bit out of Manhattan, there are a few choices. American Outdoor Sports is on Rte 110 in Farmingdale and usually has a pretty good selection at a bit off MSRP. T&T Gunnery has two stores on LI (one in Seaford) that have mainly tactical stuff. Remington has stores in the Green Acres & another LI mall, but you can expect to pay full MSRP.

You may also want to check out Sports Authority; however, their selection is very limitrd and the prices are all over the board. Multi-tools are generally offered at a very good price as are some Gerber & Buck products. Spyderco, however, is at or above MSRP.



A further note: although Paragon prices are high, they do have a "meet or beat" published price policy. FWIW, it took some doing, but my wife was able to get them to match a 'Net price for a couple of Motorola Talk Abouts.