Knife styles of Bhutan and Tibet

Dec 15, 2000
Does anyone know if the Khukuri is used in these countries? Or do they have their own knife styles?
hi Conajohara,

Check out Lee Jones' excellent Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource site:

Scroll down to the section on Tibetan swords for a look at some good examples of Tibetan and Bhutanese blades. Tibetan and Bhutanese knives (not shown on this site) are of a similar design too - straight blade and (usuallly) single edged. The site also has some great stuff on khukuris and other ethnic bladed weapons.

Most Tibetan and Bhutanese people usually carry these types of knives (thee or tri). Variants include small utility-type knives with slots in the scabbard for chopsticks, small knives carried by women with sideways-upturned scabbards, and Bhutanese stiletto-type knives.

The Lepchas of Sikkim (neighboring Nepal) carry Daos in open-face scabbards. These are similar to Daos/Dhas carried by northeastern Indian and Burmese tribes - check out the relevant sections in the abovementioned site.

Hope this helps

- Sonam

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