Knife superstituous and bad habit...

Oct 23, 1998
I have a neck knife by Ed Halligan that I bought four years ago. This is not my daily carry knife but only when I feel like it. The problem is the last four times I wanted to carry this knife I ended up having to pull it out to stop an agression against me. Is this knife blood thirsty? Being a scientific man in nature I am going to ignore these incidences, but the wife insists that I do not carry this knife any more. What do you think?

While sitting in a church wedding this past Saturday in Houston, TX, I discreetly pulled out my Johnny Stout Gemini and worked the blade action. I just want to build up my muscle memory for handling the knife. Later, I was informed by my wife that some one saw me sharpen (her words) my knife and it made that some one nervous. Now ,technically I am not breaking any law but do you all think this is a bad habit? I also tend to do this on long distance driving to kill the boredom. My wife is pro-knife (and also pro-guns) so she has no problem with me.
I don't think you have a bad habit at this 'point' ... when you start doing it in the john's stall, then you have a BAD HABIT!

Take it from a man with experience


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People -- Most of the time, that is! "

In a church huh? I never thought of that
I love flipping open my Sebenza while watching TV. Sometimes, I don't really notice that I'm doing it! I don't think you have a problem though.
In a church huh? I never thought of that
I love flipping open my Sebenza while watching TV. Sometimes, I don't really notice that I'm doing it! I don't think you have a problem though. But Jeez, have some Holy Water thrown on that neck knife!
I practice my knife open drill with my Stryker when I'm walking down the hallway at work and no one seems to notice. Although I try to do it when there isn't anyone around.

Though and through the coporal blade went snicker snack!
Double post. Argh.

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Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I don't think it's exactly appropriate to display a knife -- be it a pocket folder or a Ka-Bar or whatever -- in a public setting when the knife isn't being used. You're just asking for trouble. Unless you're cutting something or specifically showing your knife to another individual, flashing it about is bound to set the sheep a'bleatin'.

Most of the time I resist the urge to play with my knives in class...but I took an extra credit class called Alaska Marine Survival...and everyone there had knives, including the two girls (one is a contestant in the Miss Alaska Pageant, and the other could have been)....we were all trading and looking at eachother's knives...

I have actually owned a "cursed" knife (well it had a taste for blood), it was a BM Bali of some sort, my first "expensive" knife, I got it when I was 16 for $50 buck or so. As soon as I payed for it, the guy who sold it to me said he was glad to get rid of it. It had sliced up alot of customers in his store. I think at least three people hd gotten stitches because of it before it was even sold. I never had any problems. Perhaps it was just looking for a home. One of my friends still owns it.

Other than that I like flicking my knives to kill time...and I guess that I am guilty of playing in the stall....but don't tell my fiance that....

When you think about it, the can ain't a half bad place to check to make sure your knives are sharp enough (that's knives guys and it's spelled S-H-A-R-P). This is one of the few undisturbed places where your hardware check won't be witnessed by some passerby. I catch myself doing this on ocassion. I'm not sure if it's a bad habit or not. Maybe a new can thread would be interesting. I think this has been mentioned before, but haven't seen a thread about it. Probably too embarrasing for most to start it. Thought I'd just mention this one in passing!
Guys, Guys, Guys!
Flicking your knife at church is a bad habit.
Flicking your knife at work is a bad habit.
Flicking you knife in the john is a bad and sexually dangerous habit.
These people are afraid just knowing that you have a non-kitchen knife in your house.
Showing it in public just convinces them that one day you
will be in a bad mood and stab them in the neck.
It's like when non-gun people find out you own guns.
They inevitably say "Well, I better never get you mad."
They actually believe you would shoot them if they annoyed you.
(to them: what else are guns for)
They're not bad people, they're just afraid.
We should keep our snapping/flicking/flashing to a minimum and
very gently show them that a knife is a very useful tool
and can be quite beautiful as well.
Sorry for this rant... and as Dennis Miller would say..
"Of course I could be wrong"

"We are ready for an unforeseen
event that may or may not occur"
- Dan Quayle -

I try to avoid an open blade in a moving car, but tend to work my knifes action whenever I am concentrating on a problem and have a hand free (on the phone, at the workbench, on the stage, etc.)

The two fellows who work with me in the Shop are used to it, but it still unnerves the guys that work down on the Deck (Stage) or in the other departments.

I find it very soothing.

My daughters can verify that every time they warned me that they were bringing over a new boy friend for me to meet, they'd find me in the living room coincidently cleaning all my shotguns. And yes, I was making a point.

Live free and buy. It's the American way.
Too funny!

My husband had "the talk" with my daughters 17 year old boyfriend while cleaning his AR-15. (husband's, not the boyfriend's...)There was a lot of "Yes, Sirs" flying around the garage that night!


Shavin sharp and loaded for bear! Works for me (2 teenage daughters). I love those boyfriend chats! It goes something like mumble mumble... you know, son, I always keep my knives shavin sharp!
Glad I'm not alone!
I usally sit in Church and have a knife in my right hand, the one furtherest from my wife, and set and discreetly open it and keep the lock from sounding, the other night at a Choir concert the opening wasn't as quiet as I would have liked and the ol' head snap from the wife should have hurt but she seems alright, I just kept looking straight ahead as if there was no sound and slowly put the knife in my pocket,
so much time and only two hands to hold the knives, as you can probably tell my wife is not pro-knife but she knew before she married me that I certainly was!


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard

Yeah, I've acquired this bad habit since I got my new Benchmade yesterday. Is it a bad thing if you start doing these things in public within two days of recieving your first one-hander?

I was using it today since I got a package in a cardboard box, and the caf was serving chicken sandwiches again. He who does not cut the chicken, waives his right not to taste raw chicken. I've gotten it TWICE. Anyway, two female friends sat with me and my fiancee. Now, My fiancee is NOT anti-knife, she wants a Spydie now, but she still gets embarassed if I have a knife in front of other people. One of the friends was afraid of the knife. I mean literally scared of it. She was sure a one-handed manual knife was illegal and asked what the hole was for. I simply asked whether she was afraid of me. She replied that of course she wasn't. So I asked how she could be afraid of me with a knife, knowing that I will not hurt her, since I CONTROL THE KNIFE. I think that got through.