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knife testing (was khukuris cont. )

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Because of the length of the other thread:


I'll reply here.

Cougar, I have done a lot of cutting with the Uluchet. The blade is D2 and so its slightly grabby even when taken to a high polish (800 grit ceramic). The angle bevel is low (23 degrees) and so is the primary bevel so it slices well. I have done some food preperation and some general cutting with it and it performs well.


It is no where near the slicer that a decent knife would be becuase of the geometry, but it is usuable. It depends on what you are doing. When I skinned a chicken with it and lopped it up it felt fine and I would not have wanted to use a knife. Same as for when I was cutting boxes and such. For shallow cuts it works fine. However when cutting rope I would much rather be using a regular Endura. I will be adding more details concerning this to the review later. Note as well that because of its size it is by far the easiest to conceal and by far the easiest to use in closed quarters.

Regarding the TUSK, it indented slightly on cutting sheet metal. I didn't test the serrated portion because the other knives didn't have them (and I was far too lazy to resharpen the individual teeth). When I comment that the edge broke away I mean that basically a large semicircular hole was left in the plain edge portion of the blade, much deeper and much longer than the teeth on the serrated part. The bend was minor and like I said mainly fixable.

I don't think they could have picked a better steel in the uluchet. I actually like the grabby edge because it holds that kind of edge for what seems forever.
The Uluchet gave a very strong performance. The only problem I had was with the sharp edges on the inside of the handles. I discussed this with P.J. yesterday and he ok'ed me sanding them off. Now its much smoother in hand and should not be any discomfort. I will do some extended chopping with it as soon as I get a chance and see how it holds up. He also asked if I would do some prying and such to see if I could find a weakpoint in the handle so I will have a go at that as well.


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We will see how the remianing knives do in the testing also.