Knife that most disappoints you

Oct 13, 2000
What knife that you own most disappoints you? Not necessarily your worst knife, but the one you thought would be much better.

The worst this way is the old Gerber LST. When I bought it (years ago), it seemed like the perfect knife size/shape wise. I just hate the steel

The second biggest disapointment? Probably by WH Lancet!!! It's still my EDC, and probably one of the nicest knives I own, but I really wish I liked it more!
There are several knives that I have bought and have been dissapointed. In no particular order, they are:
Meyerco Rascal (What was I thinking?)
Emerson Mach 1 (Over-rated & overpriced)
Spyderco Spyderench (Not practical for me)
The EDI Genesis I.
Great quality, materials and price but the lock is so exposed, any way I gripped it would disengage the lock!
Steve Corkum shobu- I cannot seem to keep the blade from rusting, no matter how much care I give it. The balance of the knife does not seem right, although the cord wrap was done nicely.

Look. I'm sure it's as great as all the zealots say it is, but I handled one in a local shop and let's just say that I was not as floored as one would expect from all the glowing praise here. Very boring and clunky-feeling knife. Gray turd-like appearance. Overrated AND overpriced. For that kind of money I'd take an LCC and one or two nice Spydercos any day of the week. Or just pocket the cash and wait 'til next payday so that I'd have the $$$ to order a true custom that actually looks cool in addition to being well designed and built. Flame away...
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You must be terribly disappointed at spending all that money for a knife you didn't like! Oh, you didn't buy it, that's right. So you're not out a dime.
Post is about knives we own. Hard to be disappointed in something you don't own, and have zero experience with.

btw, the fit and finish of my Commander was a disappointment to me, considering the price, but overall I've done well. No major problems with any of my knives.

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I don't own it anymore, but the Combat Talon II was a pretty big disappointment.

The blade was great, but the firing and lockup of the knife was terribly unreliable. I even had the blade polished, hoping that the knife would become more reliable.

I mean for $450 I wasn't looking for a knife that had to be kept in the sheath to keep it working. I mean for goodness sake, the thing had "Combat" in the name; which means "Rough and Ready" to me.


Sebenza for me too. I kept mine for less than two weeks before I traded it off. I still like The SOCOM a lot better.
Charles Gallo, interesting topic. I once purchased a Darrell Ralph Apogee. I returned it the very next day. It was a huge mistake getting that knife. When I got it, it looked nothing like the picture I saw of it online. Talk about false advertising.
Every thing about it was dissapointing. The blade was dull, the grind was terribly uneven, the blade made contact with the rear spacer, and the overall fit and finish was horrible. Not what I expected for a $450 knife. Maybe that is the nature of buying custom knives, what you see online isn't exactly what you'll get. I mean these knives are hand made. What ever happened to quality control? Oh well, I just wanted to share this experience with y'all.
I was dissapointed in the LCC.

It just didn't fit my hand. The corners felt too sharp, and the knife was too heavy for its size. I can see how others would like it, though. Pretty snazzy.

This is quite a revelation:

Jake Evans didn't like his Sebenza, and Chief Dignitary was disappointed with the LCC. Arguably, two of the most raved about production knives at this forum.

Obviously, knives are very subjective and what's good for one person, may not be for another.

For me, it's a Gerber Covert. Certainly, not as esoteric as some of your other knives, but I bought it because it looked stylish. It's not a bad knife per se and actually has some good things going for it.

However, the liners look rather anorexic -- which is too bad since it has a pretty good lock up otherwise -- and it's certainly not worth the amount that many dealers charge.
My DALCC has been dry firing on me since I got it in November. it got so bads that it would dry fire even with a tap!. But i finally adjusted it yesterday and SO FAR, no dry fires and working good in automatic. I cant send it back of coarse because Microtch wont take it back without the 'proper' papers'. i also notice the blade now is more centered soince i adjusted the knife. BUt dont know if I fixed the problem for good. Unlucky with this knife i guess
That is an easy question to answer, my Cold Steel Ultra lock folder. I really expected a better knife from Cold Steel. Oh well

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The only knife that has disappointed me at all was my Spyderco Military. It is one of the first ones and has had some reliability problems. The later models, as I understand it, do not have these problems.


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Originally posted by Charles Gallo:
What knife that you own most disappoints you? Not necessarily your worst knife, but the one you thought would be much better.

This is a very interesting post because it does not ask for your worst knife. The biggest dissapointment for me was the Emerson Commander. From all of the posts and from everything else I read, along with the price, I was expecting so much. What I got was a good knife, with good materials, very poor fit and finish and less than stellar function. Don't get me wrong, I like the knife and you gotta love the Wave ... but what a disappointment. The knife is overpriced and, IMHO, overrated.

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For me it was the Schrade Walker-Lake.Even for half the retail price I thought it was way overpriced.When I first got the knife I was amazed how cheap it feeled.The fit of the knife was pretty bad.The backbar had an uneven fit,the metal in the lanyard hole overlapped the handle on one side.The screws on the handle were pushed in too far on some areas and even on others.
Its funny though after a few months the knife kind of grew on me.I like it now but its still nowhere near worth the money.
Paragon ATKO-8
I ordered one of these when they first came out, thinking it would be a good user auto. Ha! Nothing could be farther from the truth. The blade right out of the box was dull and the blued finish on it made it look cheap. The handle slabs were fitted together so poorly they were uneven and had burrs on them. The clip felt like it was made of tin foil.Needless to say I sold the knife soon after I got it. All things considered I should have saved my $110.00 and bought another UDT. (oh well live and learn)


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For me these were three Case XX folders: a trapper, a 3 3/8" stockman and a peanut. All three have uneven grinds, edges are not uniformly sharp with burrs. Fit uneven too. The hollow ground blades are way too hollow for my taste. The brass liners are also very thin, make the knives too weak IMHO. The most disappointing however is that the blades fully open stay at some really odd angle to the handle: they point way down instead being natural extensions of the handle. For the money they charge you can get better quality European folders. With Case you pay for the name but you don't get the quality promised.
Bud Nealy Kinzhal. The knife was OK, but the MCS sheath system wasn't as concealable or as comfortable as the hype led me to believe. It might work for some, but not for me.