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Knife to use in Killer Whale ATTACK!

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Glad to hear that buddy, if a killer whale attacks you, your tuna!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I kid you not. I saw a knife today that would work very well for killer whale defense. I don't know how you'd hold it, but if you could it take an orca in one slash.

My work today took me to a steam turbine factory where I went on a tour of the shop floor. There it was, a blade on a metal planer designed to take an eight foot wide shaving off a bar of stainless steel. Not eight feet long, eight feet wide.


By far the biggest, strongest blade I've ever seen.

"Here, little fish . . . "

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I live close to Sea World in Orlando. Last year, after hours, a guy climbed the fence and decided to go swimming with Shamu. That's not a typo, Shamu is our famous Whale here in Fl!!! He jumped in the wrong pool with and untrained Killer Whale!!
He was TUNA!


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This is where that "screw a pole onto my hollow handle survival knife" thread should have led.

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how quickly we dismiss or move past the great lessons bestowed upon us by a fellow forum member. for those of you who have already strayed from the True Path, i urge you to visit Vampire Gerbil's webpage -- who would need more than the mighty Micra?!

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LIGHTSABER! that and a jetski and you've got a spectacle that will put a mere bullfight to shame!!
I'll Bite.

Somewhere in my salad days I remember a harpoon knife made by I believe Cronk. It was a full size fighter with the blade ground and tipped like a double barb harpoon head.


ALthough I believe the correct technique is to let the whale swallow you whole and cut your way out with a shark tooth ULU.



Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.
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