Knife used as a razor. Are you nuts ???

Oct 16, 1998

Of course knives are not razors and we remember Crocodile Dundee...

This morning I have been able to shave with my M2 Nimravus Cub and my forged La Griffe.

Stupide games especially when you got a Gillette MachIII on the shelve.

But it works.

I heard someone reviewed Chris Reeve Project I and try that also...(I think it was Thaddeus Hornbaker).

Who else as ever tried and with what knife ?
(Kellam Knives ?)

A.G Russell, being the great salesman that he is, used to gather up a crowd and sharpen up an ax and shave with it at knife shows.
My grandfather during slow times as a cabinet maker, ran a barber shop out of his house! I have many of his straight razors that have been "brought back to life" and am fairly comfortable shaving with them!!
If you will look on my webpage, there is a Tanto knife towards the bottom. It's 11.5" long, 3/16 A2 steel with a Ti and silk wrapped handle. Other than being a little big for the job, It will shave as well as any razor! That knife is a prototype, I don't make the edges quite that thin on knives for customers. Several versions of that knife will be available soon, including a neck knife!
Neil Blackwood

Tom are you thinking of Juranich? I know he writes of this in his book. Did A.G. do this also?
Yep according to articles on old knife books he did. Maybe he was the first one to do it.
As I recall it was when he was selling Arkansas stones.
FYI, for me at least, your web page ends kind of abrubtly here at the sentence I am showing below.

......what the results will be ahead of time. My feeling is that if

In other words I cant axcess you whole site.
Maybe its just me and my computer, but you might check it out.
During the NJ Firefighter's Convention in 1997, I allowed by head to be experimented upon, in order to discover what I'd look like with a "High and Tight", 15 years after boot camp.
This was accomplished by two people using a Sebenza and a SOG Bowie.

There was some bloodletting, yep, but the end result left no hair showing, and my friends left in a state of perpetual awe.
(Not sure if they were in awe of the blade's sharpness, or in awe of how odd I looked.)

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Twelve or so years ago I used a Boy Scout Buck 110 as a razor at scout camp. I was there as a leader and had forgotten to bring a razor. So I just used what was at hand. Didn't do such a bad job.


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Done it? you bet!! Do it again? yep!! I don't have to waste disposable razors(the pieces of junk)
I used to shave with a knife when traveling so I wouldn't have to bring a razor. Since it's me, though, that's pretty debatable as evidence to refute your premise....

More lately I've gotten soft and bring a razor with me.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I shaved with my Marine Ka-bar just to prove to a friend that it would.
So finally we are all nuts ! The Sebenza (mine is ATS34 old model) and the Starmate are great razors also !
Next try the chainsaw !