Knife value appraisals?

Okay, I'm a bit puzzled. I've been reading the thread about everybody's knife collection, and how much it's worth.

This has got me thinking. I've got a bunch of knives that are unique (customs), and a bunch more that are discontinued (a whole slew of Blackjacks, Al Mar's, and Ek's). I have only a small idea about how much some of these are worth. I've checked some of the literature, but many of my knives aren't listed. Any ideas on how to get a knife accurately appraised? I don't think my insurance agent knows anything about knives. Thank goodness they've got their own safe.

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some of the members here are very knowledgeable when it comes to those. You might want to list down the models, and I'm sure there will be somebody out there who can give you at least a ballpark figure how much those things cost these days.

Hiya Zog,

I know of one guy who's really good in that kind of thing. Paul Basch, who's working with AG Russell is your guy, I believe. I'm under the impression that he's not really good in estimating the value of present factory knives, but for old custom knives, he shines. Drop AG Russell an e-mail at about Paul, I'm sure he can help you.