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Feb 25, 1999
Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a general question. I have Microtech Mini-SOCOM M/A #322 (with the fancy embroidered sheath). Is this worth much more than a regular one? Will it be in a few years?
Unless your mini is hand ground or a color other than od green it would probably be considered a regular mini. The funny thing about microtechs is that you can never tell just how high the price will go. In my experience things accrue in value because they are scarce. They are scarce because no one thought to save them as they had no value other than their intended use. Early baseball cards and stamps come to mind. Microtech knives are hoarded by collectors and there are hundreds of each variation produced, yet their supposed value boggles my mind. I have ownd three that were labeled as worth over $1500 and one considered priceless on another forum, yet I purchased them for $500 or less and sold them when I felt they didn't seem to be going up in value. In my opinion, if you are willing to sit on this knife for a LONG time it may be worth more than what you paid, however I would consider it a user and get more than my money's worth from one of the finest knives money can buy.