Oct 4, 1998
Has their software finally got the best of them? I also noticed how many of those with sub-forums like Emerson, Blade Rigger, H.I.,etc are all coming over here to BladeForums to open shop.
Happy Trails,
Not to diss on KF or anything, but when I started getting into knives about 6 months ago or so, I read KF first and liked it a lot. Somewhere along the way it took a major header, though, and luckily I discovered Bladeforums, which I LOVE! Especially now that I am on vacation! Gives me a lot to do with my time, for sure! Anyway, I was unable to hop on the knife deals available that also served as a means to financially support this site, but since then I have been saving my $$$ for the next opportunity! Thanks to the guys who run this site and make it what it is. Further testament to what a great community of people knife lovers are!

Come on, guys. Listen to Mike and to Spark and knock it off!

Walk in the Light,
Guys, again, we appreciate any public show of support that you have for us, but please don't do so at the expense of others.

I don't know what's going on with, or whether they are down for good or just temporarily out of service, but I am sure that they are working on this outage.

In either event, they are always welcome here, just like everyone else.

Both forums have their strong points and both appeal to different market segments. We choose to run this site different, as they do theirs, and we all must respect that. We are not competing for members or anything like that. This site is a free service to all who want to learn about knives and a wonderful place to contribute.

We welcome your comments on how we can improve this site, but please let the air settle a bit.

Earl is going through a tough time right now and I am sure he has his hands full. KFC is a great place to be as well and the crowd who contributes over there are great people. Many cross over here and there is much knowledge to be shared in both places.

If you feel that this is the place to be then just hang out here and talk knives, have fun, stay cool and enjoy!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Mike & Spark,

I really appreciate the stand you guys are taking. I for one frequent both sites. I enjoy them both. I post more here and learn a lot about knives here, but I also read a lot of the tactical stuff there and value the perspectives. I don't always participate directly because frankly I don't always have the energy and thus would rather read.

The fact is there are great people on both sites. And there are not hot heads. I just wish these folks would chill out. You don't like something don't read it. If people don't like a forum, don't frequent it. Eventually, people will vote with their feet as it were, and will send a message one way or another. Let's just let it play out. No sense in alienating folks who may have good stuff to contribute.

Thanks for for putting out an open, welcoming site. I hope folks appreciate it by keeping it that way.

Hay Guys,
Lighten up! I've been getting these messages saying that there was no such animal on the server. I was just wondering if anyone else was getting this stuff when they tried to go to I know that they have also been having problems with their software and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the situation. I WASN'T downing them what so ever.
OK, now...this is my FIRST ever post here, so be nice

Thank you for the "calls for balance" expressed here... I'm taking Mike's invitation and coming over here, in this case just to clear up what's happening at KFC.

Our new UBB software is in the process of getting the bugs (or unfamiliarities to US) ironed out, but that's was NOT the problem. We had a router go down Friday, and that made the whole site go down. It sputtered a little in the morning, but was down solid until later this evening when I checked in at 1:30am Portland, Oregon time. (where I'm from, by the way)

We've NOT shut anything down, we're fine, and we've got a sick router, which...cross some fingers, will stay healthy. (It's not ours)

I was MOST bummed about it, as I was auctioning off a prototype Satin Combat Talon II, one of the 28 that actually HAD the new MT carry rig/sheath. (Only 4 did) It was priced good, too...dang it. (if anyone wants it, I'll be very open to sincere offers. MT owners will know what the price range is... Oops. I guess that goes on the other forum. ARGGHH, It's too much for me at once. Breathe, Breathe....

Oh well, that's the true scoop...and I'll have to admit that this wasn't half bad for my very first BladeForums post!!

Come visit sometime...


Ty Stratford
KFC Administrator

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Well, now that's four posts and my limit...and everyone has been very gentlemanly (gentlewomanly). Thank you. I appreciate all the comments I've read, and this 'aint such a bad place to hang at afterall...I can admit that without a problem at all!

Neither is ours. Really. As Mike says...they are just "different".



Must...get ...soon (gasp).

Can't.....hold...out...much (whimper whimper) ......longer.