Knifeless SAK please...

Jan 1, 1999
Greetings all. My niece of 9 years expressed interest in an SAK. I' ve let her handle one of my smaller ones with the proper supervision of course. I' d like to give her one as a gift soon and thought it would be a good idea to find a small one *without* a knife blade. Does anyone know of a model currently or soon to be on the market? Please, no discussions on whether or not she' s ready for a knife blade. Thanks.


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I have seen one without a knife blade but it comes with the watches I dont know how else you could get it. Or there is the Swiss card it has a letter opener but I don't think it is sharp.
Got a Dremel? You should get the one you want and just remove the knife blade. Just make sure you round off the stub. I think that would work fine.
I think simply dulling the blade is a good idea. Later on, it can be sharpened back up.


PS Brings back memories. I recieved my first knife from Dad on my 10th birthday. I've carried it ever since, and have it my pocket right now.
Dulling the blade seems like a good idea -- really blunting it, making it like a butter knife. It'll still be useful for some purposes, like spreading peanut butter, and you can resharpen it someday. That could be a great first "knife" for small kids -- excuse me, I gotta run out and buy some SAKs....

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Victorinox advertised a bladeless knife a couple of years ago. It was a Clasic with another tool, maybe a bottle opener, in place of the blade. I remember seeing pictures of it but last night I couldn't find it on the Swiss Army Brands or the Victorinox web sites. Must have been discontinued.


Frank is right. I gave my daughter one when she was about 9 but she lost it. It is basicly the Classic without the knife blade, just the scissors and nailfile/screwdriver tool.


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I say, give her a fully functional, sharp SAK. She's nine years old, right? That's old enough to be a Cub Scout in most jurisdictions.

Of course, she's not your kid, right? Hmm. Tough call. Better to let Mom and Dad decide. A blunted SAK is better than none at all. If your niece is like most people, her pre-blunted blade won't be much duller than the average knife anyway, eventually, right?

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It is really called the Bladeless Knife. It has a bottle opener tool w/small flat screwdriver and what Victorinox calls a wire stripper, a scissors tool, an ink pen that actually works, and tweasers that don't work.
Thanks all for the suggestions and info. So, does anyone know where I can locate the Bladeless Knife?

Also. I remember a few years back of an SAK with a red LED light with an activation button on one of the scales. And it sported a sheepsfoot/ wharncliffe blade! Perhaps a good compromise? I think it was made for the Scouts??
Thanks Frank. I' m no computer whiz but I' m not a dummy either but how the H**L does one find a description and price for that Bladeless knife shown on the opening page!!?? Arrrggghhh!!!

A quick check of the page code (Microsoft Frontpage 3.0) fails to reveal a link. Looks like someone left it out.

An email to them should help get ordering information as well as let them know the page needs a little help.
Nakano 2,

I really wanted to help you because I would be helping myself in the process. I have 3 children with 2 ready for 'bladeless' knives. I'm not up to speed on what used to be available and what is available from Victorinox or Wenger so I did a internet search and came up with this site:

They have no price list also so not much help. Here's a picture of what they have:

I did find an interesting source for SAK info at I think this was posted in another thread before.

I did find a signature line from the search for myself finally.

Got it from this website

I'll check this thread once in a while to see what you get your niece.

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Any more info on these or other bladeless knives? I would like to get something for my son. He likes knives but is not old enough for one with a sharp blade yet. A SAK with some tools and no blade would be good for him. I had considered getting him one and cutting off the blade or dulling it as mentioned before.