"Knifemaker" and "sig line"


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Aug 14, 2001
I noticed yesterday that I have lost my "Knifemaker" "title" on my posts and also no longer have a "signature line". My subscription is up for renewal in ten days, but the sig line is still noted in my profile.

Anyone else notice this problem on their posts?? (I contacted BF yesterday but haven't received their reply yet. Thought I'd ask here about it, too.)


Hey Mike, I got booted down to Gold Member a couple weeks ago. I renewed and it flipped back to Knifemaker status, so same thing here. :)
I'm worried about some sinister plot that shaves a week off my subscription every year. If this continues, by the time I'm 105 I'll have lost an entire year!!!!! :eek: :D :D ;)
Well hell. Now I'm confused about all of this. I thought buying a Gold Member was the way to go, if y ou're a knifemaker, and sell knives or related items. But from what Higgy is saying, he's one rung above Gold, except that he's been dismissed back down to gold. Do I need to pay more money to be a knifemaker? And, now I'm wondering what will show in my title when I click the submit button right now.
I think my "problem" must be a phenomenon when one gets close to expiration of one's membership. We'll see when I get a response from admin. I'm not renewing anything until I hear from the powers that be. It's sort of about the principle of the thang to me.

There are some slight differences between Gold and Knifemaker, Robert. I think part of it is where you can put "For Sale" items.
You'd think that they would give you at least a Gold membership when you hit 3000 posts. I don't know who's cheaper, them or me! :footinmou
My Knifemaker membership expired a while back but I thought we were supposed to get email notices of expiration. Failing that I could never seem to find where to look to see when I would expire. Since it expired I just haven't gotten around to renewing it.
They used to do the email notification, now the expiration is just listed somewhere in your user control panel and they leave it up to you.

EDIT: Its not listed in the control panel, you have to open your own profile (not the edit profile, actually open your own profile, either click on your name in one of your posts, or use the quick links thing towards the top of the page)
My knifemaker status must have expired a few weeks back and I didn't notice it right away. There is no email notice like there used to be. I renewed my membership online and it was back the next day.
Fitz, I'm not smart enough to remember when it expires every year but I always thought it seemed short so you may be on to something...
What's interesting Tracy is that if I click on your profile it says your paid membership expired 10/19/2004. That listing apparently hasn't been updated yet.

I think the newest incarnation of the forum software has caused the owners some problems.
I noticed one day that mine had expired, went through the renewal process, and was instantly put back to KnifeMaker. There was no lag at all, it was within the time it took me to hit submit and come back to my post. However, I didn't check any dates...
What bothers me is that it's 11 days early, of course.

I just renewed my subscription to Paltalk a couple weeks ago, when they started putting banners on my screen to "RENEW NOW". So, I renewed early about 2 weeks. They set my new expiration date to one year from the day I renewed and I had to mail them twice to get it corrected to add onto the time I'd already paid for.

Thus, I'm a little sensitive to seeing things happen to my "status" earlier than it should.

Your expiration date is listed at 10/22/2004, Dave, so it hasn't been updated when you renewed, either. Something's goofed up with the system.
Cripes, I didn't even think to check! I believe you're right and I hope they get this fixed quickly. Now I wonder whether I've paid a couple weeks early every year too. :rolleyes:
Tuesday morning update: I haven't heard anything from the admins yet from my email inquiry two days ago. Cougar Allen noticed my thread in "Support" and said something's not right, but hasn't posted anything else since.

Hopefully they'll get back to me with an explanation.
Best way to reach Kevin (Spark) is over the phone.

Call this number and ask for Kevin: 1-866-289-1757

He'll straighten it out.

Put it on a credit card and I think you can have it automatically renew (at least that was the latest idea).
Thank you, Daniel.

My difficulty is not in the renewal process, it is in the fact that a one year membership appears to terminate early or something wherein I lose my Knifemaker status prior to the actual expiration date. There are also obvious glitches in updating profiles to reflect renewed membership expiration dates, too.

I have heard that Kevin has more pressing things on his mind than something like my membership status, so I will reserve the phone number as a last resort. I'm honestly hoping that we may be graced with a more general explanation of how the subscription process is supposed to work for us so that it's here for all to understand.

Thanks, again, for the info.


Go ahead and give him a call (it is OK to use my name). Trust me on this.

back in business, fitzo.....;)

I feel guilty calling you "fitzo"......too close to "fatso".....:eek:....which would be the pot calling the kettle black.....see the "gravel skating" pic for proof...