Knifemaker needs your opinion


Oct 3, 1998
I've got a Knifemaker friend that is coming out with an auto that's going to blow you all away. While he was designing the mechanic's of the knife he realized that he spring design could be retrofitted into almost any production knife made. I think they will be dual actions

So here's a question!!!! (Please assume that the conversion will be perfect in every way and will be operated with a button).

What standard production knife (liner lock or not) do you have, that YOU would like to be converted into an auto?

Do you want a button or level release?

What is it worth to you, to have your favorite non auto converted to an D\A automatic (in terms of dollars)

thanks for your answers
Gregg Lane
Please don't ask who i cant say just yet but most of you into high end tactical's have heard of him

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.


My BM M2 AFCK. I never have been too great at opening that one.

My wifes 970. She broke her right arm and has trouble openig her knife now with her left.

A Commander would be cool. Kind of superfluous, but cool.

$50 seems likea reasonable amount for a conversion.

Anything from Spyderco would be interesting. I see before me a Calypso or an Endura 2 with button release...
I guess it could be worth $50 or so.
Dual action Spydie.....Yep!
Ditto on Spyderco pieces! Put me on the list. I want it, I need it, I gotta have it!!!

....Sorry, just got kind of excited at the thought.

I'm thinking that some of the Spyderco custom collaborations would be neat. Also the forthcoming Outdoor Edge Impulse.
ps what about an old fashioned pattern, say a trapper w/ 3 buttons.

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Cold Steel Vaquero Grande!!!

Jim March
Spyderco Military, Police, Civilian, Ladybug, Starmate.
Cold Steel Grand Vaquero.
Rekat Pocket Hobbit.
In that order,

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Military "Military" fans unite!!!
I second Jim March's request for an automatic CSVG....
After that, I would think a Mechanic's knife would be a beater of some sort, so the Ascent drop points would be a consideration..something in Zytel....