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Knifemakers' do you ask for a deposit?

Oct 10, 1998
I prefer to not take deposits. I figure that if the customer does change his/her mind, I
will still be able to sell it.

If the design is really wild, I will do 1/3 at the start, 1/3 about half way, and 1/3 before shipping. What about you?


Well I take 20% up front, I figure if they dont want that one of a kind turqouise handled trailing point, I might have a lot of time on my hands finding somebody else who wants that particular custom..

But of course if I was a maker that made particular models, or if a knife is general enough in design that it would be able to be sold if the customer changed his mind. Then I wouldn't have as much trouble doing it without a deposit..

Alan Folts
I almost ever take a deposit, except on something that I may not be able to sell easily. I dont like holding other peoples money for 5 or 6 months............I will sometimes take 50% when I am ready to start on a project, and the other 50% on completion.

I don't as a rule.
If somone orders a blade and then backs out. I can always give it to a family member for xmas or birthday.
But I have found that for every knife there is somone who will love it.
Almost never. Don't like keeping track of the money, don't like being on the line if there's a delay. Some guys insist, but, I'd rather not. I personally don't think it's a good business practice-at least not for me.

I do take a deposit when someone places a custom orders. A large part of my business is making custom knives either based upon models I've done in the past, or to a customer's design. I started out asking 50% up front for a custom design, and give them a completion date when i get the deposit in hand, and try to update customers on the progress I'm making on their knives.

Right now my delivery time is quick enough that the customer isn't on a long waiting list. If they want a specialty steel, or unusual handle material part of the deposit goes to purchase what they want on their knife after the order is placed.

A lot depends on the customer. Some insist on paying everything up front. I would rather take part on a deposit, and do the same for everyone, so nobody can accuse me of playing favorites or moving one order ahead of another just because they are paid up ahead.

To tell the truth, I have had very good luck with custom orders. A serious customer doesn't complain about a deposit, nor do they back out once a knife is completed unless something real serious has happened in the meantime. Keeping delivery time short cuts down on those problems. I have had more problems with customers that want knives I have on hand, then back out after I hold something for them for several days, or weeks, and perhaps miss a chance to sell that same knife to someone else at a show or over the net.
I do give a lot of knives to friends for presents, or donate to local clubs, and even trade for other knives or equipment I am looking for. But, there are times when the bills have to be paid too, and you can't do that if this is your only income, and you find your table at a show is full of odds and ends of knives made for customers who backed out when payment was due, and let that dictate what you have available. Buyers at shows deserve a shot at your best work too.

mel sorg
madpoet custom knives

It would be nice to work based upon the


I have only asked for a deposit once, and that was when the customer wanted something specific etched into the blade and I would have had to order the stencil. So far, all the customs have been reasonable enough that I thought i could sell them on my table if I had too. Knock on wood - I haven't had too.

I have´nt done it so far far, but i think i would in some cases. I dont have time to make more than 10-20 knives a year. Sometimes less. That means if i start on a custom order i would be spending time that i could have use on my own designs. Then i need to sell it to justify the work for my self. In that case i would take a deposit. Also if i have to order materials for the projekt i would take a deposit the size of the order or more. Im a student with wife, kid and a car. That means not a lot of money for knifemaking. I like my hobby to pay for it self.

Jens Ansø