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Knives at the Egg Roll?

May 13, 1999
A list of items not permitted at the White House Easter Egg Roll (courtesy CNN):

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Here is a complete list of items forbidden from the White House grounds for the egg roll:

--Aerosols of any kind


--Animals (except guide dogs)

--Food of any kind

--Backpacks (oversized)



--Knives with blades over 3 inches

--Beverages of any kind


--Chewing gum


--Duffle bags/suitcases

--Electric stun guns

Also, smoking is not allowed.</font>

So your SAK is OK, but leave that gum in the car!

Brian, if you know how to use them, 3 inches are enough -- for Easter egg hunts.

Heck, I must admit I'm impressed with the "authority" to carry the 3 inchers. Every once in awhile I have trouble feeling as paranoid as some about the dire future which portends for knives. Am no fan of our current prez, but at least he seems to understand the need for knives. Hey -- when the Governor of Arkansas presented him with the Alamo Bowie, he actually just reached right out and seized it by the handle! Nary a drop of blood spilled by the both of them. My greatest hopes for him ride on the fact he spent some time in Texas. Westerners aren't going to go the "evil knife" routine anytime soon. While I know Maine is on the East coast, it has a great outdoor heritage. Please no flame on this, but I can honestly say that the few people from Maine with whom I've spent any time have convinced me of their individualism/eccentricity to the point I have few worries about them getting politically correct. Not a follower in the pack. I take hope from this simple list.

Asi es la vida

Yeah, it's quite funny. Maine has stricter knife laws than Mass, but I could probably get away with using a bowie to trim my fingernails, in Maine, while my <3" blade BM705 has convinced several Massachusetts locals that I am some sort of escaped mental patient, just waiting for someone to look at me wrong, so I can stab them.


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Bugs3x:
Brian, if you know how to use them, 3 inches are enough -- for Easter egg hunts.


No argument from me! I've got several "Chicago" knives, for carrying in the city, where 2" is the limit! Spyderco Mouse is the way I usually go.

I was just happily stunned that they actually gave a specific blade length limit, rather than imposing a zero-tolerance ban, or allowing the discretion of a security guard.
Great! I hate to go anywhere without my SHARP CS Tomahawk! A rogue ova doesn't stand a chance!

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"Always just one knife short of perfection!"
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Am no fan of our current prez, but at least he seems to understand the need for knives.</font>

What to know a secret?

W! is one of us!

W!'s own custom folder just clears the 3" rule... same one his father and brother both carry.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
Some of the items -- like aerosols or chewing gum -- strike me as a little odd, as if they've had problems with these specific items in the past. It doesn't surprise me that knives, guns, ammunition, and the like aren't permitted. But why did they feel the need to specify nunchaku explicitly without mentioning martial arts weapons in general or a plethora of other martial arts weapons by name? That just struck me as funny. Like the Easter Egg Hunt has traditionally been beset by packs of ninja wielding Hubba Bubba and Pledge.


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And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.

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Because nunchakus are very popular with street punks in DC and are illegal by name in DC. Knives with blades 3" or less ar specifically legal in DC. I have no idea why aewrosols are illegal unless it might be that some of them were being used as torches a while back. You started spraying and lit it with a cigarette lighter; made a good little torch out to some 3-4 feet. And the rules were the same under Billy Jeff Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Ronnie Reagan.

BTW, I would not suggest trying to carry a blade INTO the White House or INTO the US Capitol Building. They have become very touchy about security.

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Hugh Fuller

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