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Knives bring the family closer together!


Sep 7, 2000
Hi all, here's the story of how I began the indoctrination of two generations of a family. I started a new job about a month ago, and I'm already known as 'the knife guy', since I've been receiving packages at work that contain things like my new EdgePro, etc. A coworker asked me if I knew how to throw knives, which I do...after a few discussions, it came out that he would piggy-back on my next knife order and purchase a couple of throwing knives. Not just for himself -- but for him and his son.

He only sees his son on weekends, as this job is at an Internet software company and we're currently pushing 80 hours a week. He picked up the knives in order to have something he could do with his son on the weekends that will be both cool and memorable. And what 13 year old kid won't see practicing throwing knives on the weekend as being cool enough to hang out with your dad for?

Anyway, the knives came today, 2 Gil Hibben Thrower III's, and he's already planning out the weekend
And to forstall any cautionary comments, I did warn him about keeping the target area clear, making sure whoever isn't throwing stands behind and off to the side of the person who is throwing, and other little details you pick up after having knives bounce off a target and whiz 1" away from your head.

So, how's that for a knife story to tell to people who think knives are just dangerous weapons carried by thugs?
I like it!!!

I commend both you and your co-worker.

I'm in a similar situation with my nephew who is also 13 yrs old. It's not that we don't have other things in common, because that isn't true, we spend alot of time together every weekend. The boy is like a son to me and we are quite close.
He loves my knives and has a few of his own.
He is a VERY responsible young man so I never worry about his judgement. He always listens to his elders and makes good decisions.

So, I've been thinking about getting him a set of throwing knives for himself.
*Note-He will not be allowed to take these knives home since he has nowhere to throw and also I don't want him throwing unsupervised.

So, to get back to the topic, I can't think of anything cooler for a Dad (to hi son) to bring home than a set of throwing knives.
As long as they use caution, as you have advised, then the father & son will have fun learning together.

Good job Ski!!!!

--The Raptor--

My son is 5 years old. He already knows how to throw knives and shuriken and is very responsible with the safe handling of knives(with my supervision of course) Taking him into the woods and showing him how to whittle, how to clear a trail etc. is one of the best way to bond. Out of all of his toys and video games, he enjoys the times when we bring our knives into the woods the most. I personally can't think of anything more rewarding. Life is good.


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Nice! My brother (9 years older) got me my first knife, a SAK, when I was 13. The fact that we're both weapons enthusiasts is just about the only thing we have in common -- he was so happy with his birthday present this year (Benchmade 42) that he actually called me up on the phone -- a veritable miracle!
Just as an update, my coworker and his family went away to the Poconos for the New Years weekend, and had their first go at throwing. They had a great time and sounds like they'll remember it for a long time, even if they didn't manage to make them stick too often