Knives go dull for no reason?

Jul 12, 2002
ChuckBuck said:
Am I going crazy, or is my knife going dull by just sitting there?

I have such type of knife problem- where it's going dull because of galvanic corrosion! It's S30V with DLC coating and since there is Tungsten in the DLC coating- under the right conditions a galvanic element is created. The condition I have is a very humid environment, and even under the slabs (which are removable) where the humidity is trapped- the blade rusts straight through the DLC coating. So in your case, it could be that the S30V blade creates a galvanic element with something it's in contact with...

One other interesting detail I have found with S30V is that the S30V blades I have- all are magnetic... And I mean the blade acts as a magnet and I can use it to pick up screws etc. Not sure if this affects the corrosion and if it's normal....? I have not experienced this in any of the other stainless steel blades I have.


Dec 15, 2003
Chuck, I urge you to reconsider the Sharpmaker. It's super easy to use, and I've gotten excellent results on my S30V knives, including my Dominator. Used properly, you can exceed the sharpness of the factory edge.