Knives in BathRoom (revisited) ...

Nov 16, 1998
How many of you take knives with you when going to the john? To play with, flick, open and close, gaze at, or to use in there? (SURE HOPE IT ISN"T TO USE IN THERE)!

A natural thing to do is to play with it when not using it, no matter where you are at, at the time. Least this is what I was told
So, don't be afraid to play with it in the john!

I think it's getting a little deep. But, a friend of mine when younger was presented with a stick with a nail in it. Just to break-em up so they would flush.
I bought a spyderco police one time on a trip, I played with it in the store, but then I didn't get to play with it walking around the mall, becuase it would have looked bad, Anyway I didn't get any alone time with my knife, and we were driving back, we stopped at a gas station, I went in to go to the bathroom, and brought my knife in to play with it. I was sitting on the toilet, and just flicking he knife, apparently the lock on the door didnt engage properly, becuase some guy walked in and opened the door, he right as he looked at me I happened to flick the knife open, his eyes got huge, and he started backing away slowly and apoligizing, he left the bathroom with out using a toilet. I am sure I looked a little scary sitting with my pants around my ankles flicking a knife and being surprised by him.
hahahaha...good one kile...LMAO.

HEY!!! What I play with in the bathroom is my business. Until I start playing with a knife at the same time. hahaha J/K.

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Lordy~~you couldn't get me to touch this topic for all the tea in China..
Ooops!!! Sorry, ma'am. Such talk isn't acceptable in the presence of a lady. hehehe yer so funny Danelle.

I shouldn't have touched this topic either.

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Well, I don't play with my Military in the bathroom (have my hands holding knife mags), but I do hang my folder on the door hanger thanks to the Hole.
You see... I have established that there is a very low chance of my being attacked on my way to and from the bathroom. Hence, if I am not wearing my pants (assuming that it is just my sleep-clothes... and no, I don't wear a knife to bed...I have violent dreams.), I just keep a last-year Delica in the bathroom, located conveniently to the left of the toilet. This way, I don't have to bring it in there, and I have the protection I need when I am MOST vulnerable.

Mighty Jessit.
The things we do for the knives we love.
I have diced enough of my delicate widdle body parts without trying for any more.....sensitive......areas. Later
Have you ever found yourself in a restroom stall and the toilet paper roll is to wide to rotate on the spindle? All you can get is tiny shreds of paper. Very frustrating. This happened to me once. (Whoa, I feel another Tactical Knives "It Happened to Me" story coming.) Fortunately I had my razor sharp Gerber FS II lock back. I cut deeply into the roll of T.P. and helped myself to a nice big wad of the plush material.

David Rock
Hey, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that plays with and fondles things in the bathroom (knives I mean). I don't know why I feel the urge to play with a knife in the john. Oh well, read a magazine, play with a knife - anything to pass the time. (This may well be the strangest topic I've ever run across).
Hey phone_archer, stick around, I have seen much a strange topic running on these forums in the past

Danelle, you must have got all the tea in China, you touched this thread ever so lightly!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People "
Say Danelle since you have all that tea. How about sending some to us forumites along with some Spyderco stickers and some of those pins and.....


Tom Carey

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