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Knives in Bed (revisited)

Oct 3, 1998
I always wear a pair of athletic shorts to bed, and I always sleep with a Spyderco Endura clipped in a pocket of the same. Am I paranoid? (Probably, but that's beside the point.)

On Sunday, my wife and I were sleeping in a bit later than usual. My three-year-old daughter came into our bedroom with a pair of new sandals my wife had bought for her the day before. She wanted to wear the sandals, but they were fastened together by means of a plastic connector. My wife said to me, "Do you have your knife on you?" I produced the Endura, made the cut, and neither of us had to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning!

Hey, maybe I should submit this story to Tactical Knives magazine for their "It Happened to Me" column!

Here are some tips on sleeping with knives, for your comfort and safety:

1. Flat is where it's at.
2. Rounded ends and corners are more comfortable, especially if you wear the knife in your waistband.
3. Heavy knives will drag your shorts down when you get up to use the bathroom.
4. I recommend sleeping only with knives that have spring pressure to hold the blade closed. No liner locks, as the blade could open by accident through gravity or by the tip snagging on a fold of clothing, bedsheets, or whatever.
5. Choose a knife large and versatile enough to be useful in a variety of imaginable situations: late-night sandwich making, opening packages on Christmas morning, escape during a fire, and, of course, foiling assassination attempts

Sweet dreams,
David Rock

[This message has been edited by David Rock (edited 03 May 1999).]
I keep a single edge razor blade taped to my side just under my arm pit with water proof surgical tape in case I am ever attacked while showering or find that I need help opening the soap wrapper.
Don't hate me for my sense of humor.
I'm still seeking a replacement for my "shower knife," a CS Mini-Pal which I wore on a steel chain around my neck 24/7 for about two years, until the Kraton came off. I decided that I needed it when I found myself hopelessly employing wet fingernails and teeth on the plastic around a shampoo bottle. It served with distinction opening soap, cutting that cooled-together slice of early-morning pizza, and generally filling in when I was too forgetful or too lightly dressed to have one of my folders. I miss that little guy...


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Maybe you oughta sleep with some shoes on so you can run over the broken glass from where the BG came crashing in

and don't ever forget to go to bed with your helmet on.
Sleeping with knives. Well I guess it’s ok. But, do you still respect them in the morning?
I don't sleep with a knife, this is about the only time you won't see a knife or three on me!

I'm glad I'm not the only one my wife has said she never thought she would marry a tattooed knife-freak(she did) I dont go any where with out my RJ Martin kozuka. (bed ,john , work,church)Remember "you can have too many wives and not enough knives"
Thank goodness for David Rock whose knife habits have pushed me way back towards the middle. I think it's safe to order that Lightfoot Neck Razor now.


David- I'll be attending the Edinburgh Military Tattoo this August. Have you ever been?
I have always, as far back as I can remember, slept with my arm and hand under the pillow. I put my Ascent in my hand, which I then put inside the opening of the pillowcase under the pillow.

Hey, I'm not a nut, seriously. I nut would sleep with the knife open.

Whatever you do
donot sleep in shoes!
it hurts when you twitch....
and never sleep with an auto in your shorts
cause if you toss and turn
u could just loose you sport....
this would cause your spouse much fright
sometime deep in the middle of the nite...
and as we all know Lorraina took hers and threw it in the moors,
so the moral of this story is, keep that knife in those other drawers!!!

I thought I was the only one to sleep with a knife. My AFCK has never accidentally opened......yet. Later
I was homeless last year and slept with my folder in the right-front pocket of my Levi`s(it normaly rides in the fith-pocket, under my belt for security), half for peace of mind, half because, well I didn`t have anywhere else to put it. I have been sleeping in my jeans with my knife in pocket ever since! I don`t know, just force of habit. I`m not paranoid, I`m just more comfortable that way, like some sleep with a pillow between their knees. Which is wierd, `cause I used to strip down to my skivy`s. Sorrry! You probably didn`t want to hear that!

To answer your question, yes. Many of us sleep withour knives for one reason or another. And yes, it means we`re all out of our gourds and yea verily have flipped our wigs. Why else do you think we`re called "knifenuts"?