Knives in Black

Oct 3, 1998
Playing with my scanner again.


Here's a link to a 1024x wallpaper size version:

Four very different visions of a fundamental problem solving device.

Nice pics. I need to get a scanner for when i sell knives on the knives for sale forum. That and for whenever I finally get around to testing a few knives and making a web page about it.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Man that CR Shadow IV is something else!! I gotta say I'd have that before a Sebenza. BTW nice scan. I have a flat bed scanner and a digital camera here at work I really need to learn how to do some of this stuff.
Does the back button on my browser cause the double post?

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Scanner - Agfa Snapscan 1212

Inexpensive, from Fry's Electronics

It comes with Corel Photo House 3 for image editing.

Currently, I scan the objects, with a blue cloth over them and set at an angle so that the lighting is least bad, at 100%, with resolution of 150-300 DPI and the brighness cranked up slightly. Then I reduce the image to 1024 or 640 or whatever pixels wide, but with resolution set or reset at 300 DPI, rotate as necessary, and type in text as necessary. I save it in .jpg format at 15% reduced quality for a whole lot of storage compression.

James Mattis,

Well, by all accounts, it appears as if its once again time for "lets, openly, admitt yours truly's ingorance on one of the forums!"

So, that having been said, can you, or some other kind soul, clue me in as to the brand/model name of the bottom two knives? Any ideas as to their cost? Best place to get a deal on 'em?

I followed the hyper link you provided back to Chaicutlery, and navigated their web page, yet to no avail.

Thanks a bunch,

Michael Cedric


"You learn something new every day!"

The bottom two - Kabar combat knife (black version) and a Chris Reeve Shadow IV. I admit to not having the Kabar listed on my page - things to do! The Chris Reeve price list is on my Chris Reeve page, which is linked from the "links/contents" page (I'll have to re-check the other place it ought to be), and that too needs some uploading. Later tonight or this weekend. . . . .


I too was gonna ask what scanner you used for this super scan. Amazing definition for black knives. That Shadow has got my name on it too someday. Thanks again for sharing the scan.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <-----<