Knives in Control

You know, It just came to me that my knives have me under control.

While I was sitting in stall #2 (the John), I found myself with my knife opened up. If anyone crashed the stall door opened, they could find themselves in a sticky situation!

I guess I have been practicing this routine for a few years now. Now if that isn't a situation of a knife in control, I don't know what it would be. Am I the only one here finding myself doing weird things like this with a knife?

I hope I am not alone!



Nov 16, 1998
No, I have not done anything strange with my knives, ever. To me this is natural.

< Doug >

Knife Collectors are Sharp People!


There has been a rash of violent break ins here in Anchorage, where the bad guys just smash down the door of a random house and enter with guns. I have found myself packing my little 9mm around my apartment, and setting it next to the tub when I take a bath. As far as my knives being in control, I guess the only time I don't have at least on on me is when I am naked, but now with the advent of neck knives.......

"It isn't a matter of wether or not you are paranoid, it's a matter of wether or not you are paranoid enough!"--my favorite line from the movie Strange Days

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