Knives in movies

In the current film "Stir of Echoes" a Benchmade Spike is used by Kevin Bacon's wife as a self-defense weapon. It is not overexaggerated, and in fact, is used in the way someone would probably use it, anyway. The Spike (now discontinued) was often described as a folding boot knife anyway.

In "Cliffhanger" Stallone's friend uses a Spyderco Endure, fully-serrated, to slash a villain's leg to save his own life. Legit use, but I'd like to have seen the knife used more as the emergency tool it was designed for. When Stallone is in danger of being pulled down a mountain by his own climbing rope, he doesn't even have a knife on him, and uses the climbing hooks to repeatedly pound the rope until it breaks...just in time. Stupid of him not to have a blade.
James Y, I agree about Cliffhanger, but c'mon, I'm sure you realize that using a knife would have been too easy and less, um...well... melodramatic.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

In "Eraser" when Arnold was in the plane and throws a push dagger (?) at the BG. Who screams, "I can't believe you got me with this cheap, mail-order POS!"

Probably the worst NON-USE of a knife I've ever seen was in a movie on cable called "Storm Catcher". The BG is getting hanged on a rope which the GG is pulling on. BG has a large fixed blade in his right hand. Does he at least try to cut the rope? Heck no!

In Streets of Fire Cody uses a reverse move to take a balisong knife away and also cuts his girl friend loose with a quick move COOL!


Let's see Brad Pitt killing German WWI soldiers with a Bear Jaw handled Bowie in "Legends of the Fall"
Same actor...same movie...using it to "poke" at a bear while being mauled to death (sorry ruined the end for some people).
"Last of the Mohicans" middle movie battle scene...multiple uses of knives and tomahawks.
Same movie...great scene at the end already mentioned.
Engraved Spyderco Police model used as a threatening "toothpick" to get a cherry out of the bottom of a cocktail glass in...oh!...that one with Tommy Lee Jones as the "Reverend, Attorney guy running for office; and the kid who saw a murder."
Same movie...fixed blade used to threaten protagonist in an elavator.
Terminator 2...Arnie takes a nice one to the heart area with a cheesy ring-dagger, then turns it on it's owner.

Ah the list goes on and on...I'm a movie buff, so if this thread is near the top tomorrow I'll think up some more. :)

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