Knives in school

Oct 13, 1998
Hey guys went to an open house at the county Vo-Tech school last weekend with my boy to check it.after listening and taking the tour of the school I got to talking to one of the teachers I asked if they allowed knives in school.His answer was surprising he said if it was leagal on the outside it's good here.After that sentence he pulled out of his pocket a new spyderco.He was thinking of having a knife making course in the future.There is hope out there!!!!!!!

Whoa! What school is that!? Its great to hear that there are still some rational people out there!
I went to a Catholic High School back in the late 70's and never had a problem with carrying a pocket knife. I used to cut apples and what-not at lunch and never had a problems with the teachers.However,times have changed. When I was younger, I would never have thought of using a knife in a fight other than life and death. Now kids think completely different and dont know how to settle their problems rationally. Whereas a simple knock down drag out fist fight used to settle things,now a gun, knife or explosive device seems to be the only answer. On the average, most kids are mature enough to carry knives, but the bad kids ruin it for them.

i also went to a catholic school, from the time i was 5 until 14. i always carried a pocket knife at school. usually a case or sak. i used them to cut many things, especially my lunch apple or other fruit. the teachers (mostly nuns) didn't care at all. things sure changed when i started public school! you couldn't take a butter knife to public school without getting suspended! you also couldn't get in a fight without AT LEAST getting suspended. a lot of times, they would call the cops. in catholic school, if there was a disagreement between boys, one of the nuns would usually say "ok, settle this outside at recess!" meaning to fight it out. this was not that long ago - early to mid 1980's.

Oh let me, please, blah. Graduate of Catholic High School in early 90s.
Knives, guns, and such were a no no. Only real time I was in trouble was lending a balisong to someone. Bad kids ruin it for the others, the others have to start shopping for hardware just to balance. I feel sorry for the kid who felt like I did.
I'm not too fond of the bullies and the bangers.
I work in a school that doubles as a community center after school hours. It's a no-no to carry knives. Some of the "bad" schools have metal detectors. Mine is not in that category. Every so often, fights break out. We call the cops every time. But generally by the time they get there, things have settled down, one way or another... (not the cops' fault, they are way overextended) One time, a pysche patient at the health center stabbed a worker right in the hallway. More often than not, the staff have to try to take care of things. I've broken up mega fights inside and outside, some involving clubs, pipes, bottles, what not. I have had staff threatened by kids claiming to be "packed." No way to tell. Sssh... so, I always have my folder and my walkie talkie when things hit the fan. Never had to resort to either for a weapon. But, when the cops finally show, I discretely drop my folder deep into the pocket. Technically, I can lose my job (although I am the boss on site and that's why I get called for the "fun and games.")
The fact is anything can be a weapon, with the right (wrong) intention. I personally don't care and don't want staff to check for "weapons" (at least not yet). I deal with those whose intentions and actions don't comform to the rules.

I know a lot of the cops on my beat. But, frankly, I can't rely on them to be there when I really, really need them.


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i know in my high school weapons of any sort were not allowed. and i can understand the reasons behind it after so many fights on campus. the school's also have to worry about being sued and stuff like that. the only problem is if the kids couldn't use guns and knives as weapons they just used things like fists, boots, concrete, brick walls and locker doors. guess ya can't win...pretty soon kids will be going to schools with padded walls and floors and unable to wear shoes.
I carried a first production run gerber bolt action with a drop point blade in grade school and thru high school.Teachers used to ask me to use my knife quite frequently.I am only 27 so this is not ancient history.(although it seems like it.)My wife is now a teacher and a student of her's brought in a leatherman tool to show his buddies.luckily for him my wife was the one who caught him.she took it away and gave it to him at the end of the day,telling him not to bring it back.Had anyone else caught him he would no longer be a student at her school.No ifs ands or buts.It is a sad situation.

Oh man have times changed. For the worse of course. I just moved and got a new highschool, just built in 1995. This school doesn't have lockers because the people in charge think that it will keep people from bringing weapons to school. Now if you think that thats pretty stupid than your right. Because we don't have lockers everyone has to pack around all of there books and school stuff. My pack weights well over 30 pounds. And people still bring weapons to school. The security has abouts a snowballs chance in hell of catching anyone too.

To make things even worse the rules at my new school are basically "If it has an edge, your exspelled"

Things have go down hill.

I graduated from high school in '89 and always carried a SAK and a Buck 110. But my weapons of choice were either a padlock or a wrench. Current school attitudes on knives don't make any sense.
I went to a pretty rural high school that was pretty mello. I carried a pocket knife all the time(Buck 110 or Kershaw DWO) and a 5" tanto in my inside jacket pocket when climate permitted. I never had a problem. I did get in trouble for selling throwing stars in jr. high but it was mostly because I was selling em.
Actually one time I did a film on guns and how they work in one of my classes and was allowed to bring 6 guns and ammo(!) into school! Nobody called the cops or anything even though a student was walking down the hall to class with 2 pistols,2 rifles and 2 shotguns slung,carried in cases etc. with a .30 cal ammo can full of ammo. I did get some strange looks though. LOL! Try that today! BTW the film was a big success. OTOH my little sister who`s still in school said an honor student-never been in trouble in her life friend was suspended for having a metal nail file in her purse! Geeze how things have changed. Marcus
Ooh, knives at my current high school...Definately not a good idea. I attend a public high school hehe, even though the option of private schools has always been open to me...I wouldn't say my school is actually "bad", in terms of academics, it's really good. Well, the teachers that is. The students, well, not exactly all of them are like me. My school is more or less a fashion show, and underneath all the nice clothes i'd say about 1 out of every 7 students has a knife of some sort. (Nope, no nice ones as i've seen, only cheap OTF's, balisongs, and knock-offs). Nonetheless, my school is really strict about knives...Hell, i suppose they'd even bust me if i brought a plastic knife and fork to school haha. Bottom line...Don't bring anything that is has an edge of any type. So for now i'll just pack my Number 2 Pencil...or a nice Bic ball point pen.


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Given my HS experiences, I think it's a rather good idea to keep knives out of high school, etc. I grew up outside DC and we still had our fair share of guns and knives...and frankly, I can't see why a high schooler would need a pocket knife in most classes.

Of course, this is from the POV of someone who never had cool classes like knifemaking and so on.
I'm attend a high school in a small town of about 5,000 and pocketknives pretty much go unnoticed. If you look around you can usually spot a clip here and there, though they're all knock-offs of some sort. I carry a REKAT Pioneer Drop Point and regularly lend it to teachers and other students.
I carried a 5" CS folder quite often when I was in college, just cause I wanted to(never found a rule limiting certain knives on campus, but I also didn't look too hard
), no security people ever noticed.
The most negative reactions I recieved were from fellow students(semi-friends), who after a long time, realized I was carrying a 'deadly weapon of killing' and truly believed I was someone totally different from that point on.
gimme a break I say.


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I grew up in a suburb outside DC in a Bad Area (high crime, high drugs, etc) where anything sharp and pointy was off limits. When I was on my way out, the county was considering putting metal detectors in after a rather frightening gun incident...