Knives MIA

Oct 12, 1998
We are knife people. We buy them, sharpen them, lubricate them, and...

... occasionally lose them.

So what knives have you lost?

Presently, the only one I have missing in action is my large ascent. For this I am very happy, as I like it least of my folders and is easily replaceable. I can't tell you how many times I have lost my SAK or Delica and it has managed to find it's way back to me.

Anyone lose one they miss?


PS do I get an Bladeforums award for most angst-ridden thread?

Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
I have a Boker 'Titan' a titanium scaled lockback, which is small and thin. The Ti scales allowed it to slip out of my pants pocket several times; although I always (eventually) recovered it from the recesses of the furniture or car seats, I finally put it in a nylon pouch to curb its' wayward tendencies. Walt
I used to have a Gerber LST and one of those Tekna keychain knives, both lost in the mists of time. The one I miss was a Imperial barlow from my Grandfather, it was the first knife I ever fixed. The tip of the main blade had broken off, so i sharpened into a mini-chisel. I still believe that it's somewhere in my house, but more likely it's gone.
I lost one of those tiny little CS key chain knives.I ca`nt remember what they we`re even called.It was pretty handy but does`nt even come close to my Micra for sheer utility.
I lost an EK double edged knife while in the Marines. It had a Deset Camo Cord Wrap and a cool sand colored sheath. I would give a lot to have that knife back! I carried it in Somalia and used it for EVERYTHING! I have no earthly idea what happened to it! I think it was "borrowed" from my deuce gear and never returned!
It drive me crazy just thinking about it!!!!!
I miss my micra with a passion. It was very nice to have all those tools in a compact size. To Carver: there called Tuff Lites.
I haven't lost any knives permanently and I try to keep all of them somewhere I can find them. But I've "lost" temporarily a cheapo lockback and a plastic scale of another one while I was vacuum cleaning them after they got into a blizzard of broken glass (and that stuff was EVERYWHERE). After the knife slippid in there, I thought "D'oh, I'm gonna hold the next one real tight" and I couldn't believe the whole thing was happening after the scale came off of the next one. I was too angry to leave them inside the vacuum cleaner, so I dug them up.

My two bits,
I haven't lost too many knives, in fact, I have had one that I couldn't lose. It was My Gerber LST. If it dissappeared from my pocket, it was bound to show up in a week. I lost it on a camping trip once, and I thought ut was a gonner, but it showed up at home a few days later. I still have it here....somewhere.....



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"

I lost a Kershaw Black Colt a few months ago and I'm still brooding wondering where the hell it went to. Funny Clay, I was just thinking about this today and I see your thread.

I can't tell you how ticked off I feel when I think about it. Imagine if I lost an expensive knife?



I lost a Gerber Silver Knight at a movie theater in Brazil, several years ago. Rats. And it was a terrible movie too.