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knives of mexico

Feb 3, 2001
im gonna go on vacation to mexico and was wondering what "indigenous" knives they use there, i wanna pick some up
There used to be a high end maker down towards Oaxaca. "Casa Obregon" or something like that. There are probably others. A lot of less expensive knives are made in Mexico and they import a lot of knives.

As a U.S.citizen, you are almost obligated to buy one of those cheap bowies with a dicho on the blade. Be sure the chrome isn't peeling, though.
Not much in the way of indiginous knives.

Some lower end machete and bowie like things at best. Most of this for the turist trade.
Mexico pretty much imports and sell many of the popular models available on the major markets. The older military issued knives and swords were a mix of items imported from the US and Europe. Very nice older local knives do turn up from time to time, but these are exceptionally rare.

Have fun.

ive seen those bowies with the sayings on them, always wanted one just for the hell of it. thanks for the ideas