Knives on Howard Stern!!

who are the people that watch howard stern to judge us?
i dont think you can get any more low life than that.
It's weird; mention the name HOWARD STERN and everyone gets all uptight.

I think some of you may be missing the point. Doesn't matter which show Mr. John Popper was could've been Regis and Kathy Lee, or 60 Minutes. Heck, it could've been Oprah for all I care! Point is, Popper acted irresponsibly with his knives. And people saw it.

If he were my son, I'd spanked him and taken his knives away.

VG, you had a chance to go on the Howard Stern show?!? Although the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
And I would like to dispute your statement regarding us not being related. I believe that I have proof stating that you, Mr. Vampire Gerbil, are my long lost father!

And I think you owe me some money Pops!

While Popper is a great musician he has LONG been known for being a nut case with tere being many incidents where he has bradished loaded handguns in inappropriate places. He is also supposedly (unconfirmed by me) an admirer of Her Hitler.

Not a sane guy.

Saw the epi in question.
For those of you who haven't Popper took out a Vaquero Grande, opened halfway and flicked it out in reverse grip. Blade facing camera and later on a perhaps Paragon type auto. Double edge, black handle, brass button.

The context dealt with how Popper was a bit unstable and that during the horseplay he commented that the guy he was talking to was a closet homosexual. Then it escalated to him chasing down the man in order to kiss him.

Chuck Zito has experience in MA, saw him in pics with a red gi using escrima sticks and karate kama. There was talk of him doing an "executive workout" vid aka a kinder, meaner Tae Bo.
Just saw the episode referred to at the top of this thread last night -- must have been a re-run. I ran a quick search on John Popper and came up with this. I was cringing as Popper was flipping out his various knives. He seemed to get a thrill out of shocking people, and maybe that's his shtick. Nontheless, it was irresponsible and stupid. I like his music, but won't purchase any more of his stuff as a result

BTW, he stated that the knife he pulled out of his boot was a "Navy SEAL Knife."

"I can't believe you stabbed me with this cheap piece of mail-order sh*t"
James Caan in 'Eraser'
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MAURICE:
who are the people that watch howard stern to judge us?
i dont think you can get any more low life than that.

All I can say is:

Good point though. If anyone calls me down for carrying a knife based on what they see on HS's show, I'd slice and dice them verbally about the source of the incident.
If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

No one but sociologists watches Howie for anything but salacious titillation and vicarious idiocy.

Any stern-watchers who are going to look at knife people with increased suspicion because of this incident are few and far between, like nonexistent. More likely, they'll just go out and get a VG of their own to intimidate closet homosexuals.

Sorry, that's Vaquero Grande -- there is only one Vampire Gerbil, and he's clamming up because of this.

If ignorance is bliss, why are so many of us unhappy? Kitchen knives kill; megafolders whack weeds. The only time I ever got stabbed was with a pencil, in art class. Howard Stern feeds off artificial controversy.
Opinons are like Ass*oles everyone has em and they all stink!!
If its to loud your to old !
I have heard of Howard Stern, but I have no idea who John Popper is. Guess I'm just a grumpy old fart.

VG, I'm sorry, but I didn't know those Nevada clams I had for supper last year were your loyal subjects!
Knives need to be viewed and perceived as TOOLS instead of WEAPONS.

Pulling a knife on somebody is assault in most states but I guess if you're a celebrity you can expose and deploy a leathal concealed weapon on TV and it's OK.

Repeat after me.
Agree with horizonod. I carry a bali most of the time or some folder or another, just for work and convenience. My friend, a pacifist, vegan type says, "Why do you carry around these weapons all the time, who are you going to kill?" All I said to her is that it's just a piece of metal, a tool, funny because it's the "evil" that exists in her mind not mine. I think for a responsible knife owner, or at least for me, carrying actually deters fighting and the such, because of the realization that it now has potential to escalate into something really ugly.
Knives are tools!!! Is that loud enough?? Its what I tell folks over here all the time. This isn't a weapon, its a tool*sigh*. After a while, you develop this kind of *sigh* after this statement, at growing impatient at repeat ignorance, from sometimes the same people.

All this explaining, and a show such as HS manages to have these events occur. wonderful!!! just glad none of my relatives would see this, or i would have even more trouble explaining knives to them.

As is, it sucks that anyone would have seen this at all. One person, using knives the wrong way, can cause so much long term cleanup on our side.

Great, just great. And, to say he's unstable doesn't help either. Now, many people will think that only crazy people will have knives. Even better.

Ok, nuff ranting for the moment.


If you find you must throw something at me, please make it a custom.

"May your blade chip and shatter"- Dune Fremen fighting saying

That thing is a sculpture more than a weapon. If I really wanted to duel someone with a knife I would rather use a good kitchen steak knife. The steak knife is lighter, and it's thinner flexable blade is less likely to break and more likely to penetrate.

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My point is, we may want to convince the outside world that our knives are utilitarian and pacific, but knives have also always been weapons. On the (recent) past, they were the basic weapons: in hand as knives, on sticks as pikes or spears, lengthened as swords.

Knives are tools, knives are tools -- and we carry pliers, soldering irons, crowbars, microscopes, and knitting needles with us everywhere we go, too -- right? No? Only when we need them ... but knives are tools, toys, and self-defense all wrapped up in a compact and sometimes frightening package.

It's a good idea to shut down people who make a joke of what could be a tense situation. But pretending we think knives are practically harmless is disingenuous, and ultimately unconvincing.