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Jan 31, 2001
was watching the tube tonite and they had some knives for sale on HSN - ya could get 100 knives from frost cutlery w/sheaths, etc for $159.95 - ya got a case of about 7 different knives, 2 big bowie type knives, and a 'pharoahs' sword - worked out to about $1.67 a knife - always wondered were all those cheap knives came from at the gunshow LOL - had all styles, from keychain folders to tac style stuff - but check this out - only 1 style had a pocket clip???? whats up w/that? 1 style had a tanto blade, plastic handles, and a liner lock (all othe rfolders appeared to hace lock back) but NO CLIP? wow at least all at the show have a clip? but i got a REKAT SIFU wed, and it was $159.95 too - my wife said 'see see ya can get 100 knives for the same price - ya got screwed ' - how do ya argue w/that?? (LOL she knows the differencxe believe me, bought her her first fixed blade and she picked out the highest 1 in the cabinet, a $170 MOD razorback i got off the net for $120)but they had more cheesy looking crap - swords, 'gothic' looking stuff - nothing i desired .........anyone heard of 'frost cutlery'? (of ying yong china i'm sure.....)

They import stuff from Pakistan, mainland China, I believe, and some from Japan. The Japanese stuff is priced about 3x higher than the other stuff.

From what I understand, it is low carbon steel. Simply won't take a decent edge. Whatever sort of edge you get on it disappears immediately when used. But, it polishes well.

While I know most knife knuts would love to have 100 knives or more, they want them to be quality. That stuff is pure sh&t. Hihgly possible your $159 knife would out cut all 100.

I believe more than one person has bought such stuff unaware on E-bay, etc.

Remember not to confuse Frost Cutlery with Frosts of Sweden, who make inexpensive but GOOD knives.

Asi es la vida

I buy some of that stuff every year for work, where stuff walks off real fast. And I, use 'em to cut sanding disks up ,scrape crap off the steel parts, etc. So if they take a walk or crapout, no big deal.

The steel can be hardened some by heating the blade in the flame on a gas stove and quenching to a dark straw on the edge and a Peacock on the back and then quenching in warm salt water.
Get one of the smaller sets and sell them to your non knife nut friends. Gives them a knife, and gets you some extra $$ to spend on knives.
Well, it seems that this forum has changed a great deal in the past year or so. Previously, when HSN knives came up for discussion, it was to ridicule the show and the knives. I remember one guy who asked about selling HSN stuff to unsuspecting idiots and was Flamed big time. Now we have lots of folks who think selling this stuff to others is Okey Dokey.

Those guys selling 'knives' on HSN are laughing all the way to the bank. I think it is terrible that these idiots represent 'knife knuts' to the general public. If you know this stuff is junk, dangerous, and priced about right considering its quality, it would be immoral and unethical to buy them and to sell them to 'dupes' for extra cash. Supporting businesses like HSN only makes this crap proliferate.

Boycott HSN. It is a comedy show, not a knife show

Paracelsus, bad speeler

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What Para said...

What kind of friend are you if you are willing to sell this kind of S### to your buddies.

We have all seen this stuff before; it liters every flea market in the U.S. The quality stinks, edge holding is zero, but worst of all the miserable locks are potentially dangerous, and likely to be purchased by kids. The best that can be said for it is that the blades are mercifully dull.

HSN's knife collector's show gives us all a bad image. The only good thing I can say about the show is that the two clowns occasionally stab themselves for our gratification.

Call me a knife snob if it pleases you; but, selling dangerous junk to the uninformed is not something I will ever endorse. There are plenty of good inexpensive knives out there and the HSN Frost Cutlery stuff certainly does not qualify.

You mean those knives aren't any good? But they're 440 stainless steel and they shine ohhhhh so nice....

I don't think those knife experts would sell a bad product...I mean, that would be dishonest and you would never see that on the HSN, would YA?

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I have seen the knives on the HSN network, and they are cheap made crap!!! Thats the BOTTOM LINE! Don't waste your money on ten or twenty of those Paki knives when you can spend your hard earned money on a good quality peice of work that someone put time, effort, and quality materials into that will last you a lifetime.