Knives with Innovative Opening Mechanisms

Nov 12, 2012
We wrote a post for our blog about 15 knives with interesting opening mechanisms. These are the knives that use really different ways to engage the blade. Most of them are absolutely impratical but completely unique:

Can you guys think of any knives that should have made the list?

Here's the list so you don't have to click on the link:

1. Kershaw ET
2. CRKT Rollock
3. Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel Warlock
4. Scorpiodesign Shapeshifter EDC
5. CRKT Fulcrum 2
6. Schrade Viper Side Assist
7. A.G. Russell Funny Folder
8. Lone Wolf Defender
9. CRKT Snap Lock
10. Smith & Wesson Power Glide
11. Pacific Cutlery 983 Barry Wood
12. Fox Knives aX Dobolock
13. CRKT Hole in One
14. Camillus Dominator
15. Fred Perrin Le Tri-Folder
I'm seeing a lot of similarity between the Camillus Dominator and DPX's H.I.T series.
The Kershaw ET is the first thing to come to mind. Their Ripcord is pretty snazzy too. The knife uses a special sheath to retract the blade into the handle.
I have one. I never use it because they were rattle boxes, but still kinda cool.
Most of them are awkward, slow and in some cases a little dangerous!

The GIFs in the link were very helpful.
The Kershaw ET was a very uniquely designed, and all-around cool knife. Sad to see it discontinued, as the prices have skyrocketed on the secondary market.

Maybe Kershaw could do a sprint run if there is enough demand.