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Knives With Locks Like The Benchmade AXIS?

Jan 18, 2001
If this has been covered before, I apologise for the repetion....

I had the oppertunity to play with a couple of Benchmade knives, the 705 and the 730. It is nice to find knives that are soo smooth, and easy to open and close! I currently carry with me a little Spyderco, with a style of lock, of which I do not know the name. It is in the shape of a 'V', and it is on the back of the knife. You push on the top edge of the 'V' to open the knife. I love this design! It is so easy to open and close, and my fingers do not get in the way

Ok, now the Axis lock is even better! The 705 I can easily swing open, lock, unlock, swing closed (hard to time it just right, so that you release the lock when the blade falls back into the handle, the blade is so light that it bounces back out of the handle, so you have to wait for it to go back in, OR not try so hard
). The 730 on the other hand is perfect! I can swing it open, then swing it closed, and get the lock timing most of the time (the blade being heavier is probably why this works so well).

I probably should just get the 705, since it is small enough to be legal to carry in the "watch pocket" of my jeans, but the balance of the 730 is better... maybe I will just get both

What I am wondering is, are there any other knives like theses, which 'button' style locks? I *HATE* liner locks... WAY to easy to shed blood.

I saw a knife, made by a company called "TiNives", which appears to have a button.

So, who else makes this kind of lock? URL's would be nice as well

Thank you for your time.

The Spyderco is known as a lockback.

SOG makes a lock similiar to the Axis. The Axis is not a button-lock, calling it that might confuse some people.

Benchmade also makes several other models with the Axis lock.
The SOG X-Ray Vision looks very nice, and it's cheap
! But... is it as smooth (read: can you flick it open and closed, as easily as the Benchmade Axis based knives?)? Thanks!

SOG's lock is similar to the Benchmade Axis, except the blocking pin swings down instead of front-to-back. Cold Steel just came out with a similar lock, except the pin rides in a cutout in the blade instead of along the top. REKAT had the first of this generation of pin-block locks, and their pin doesn't slide at all, but rotates in order to present a cutout in the pin for the blade to pass through, or rotate back to block (lock) the blade.

If I'm not mistaken, the old Gerber bolt action locks used a similar principle.