Knives With Recurve Blades

Dec 5, 2000
I am finally getting to know what I really like in an EDC knife. I am pretty much setteled into a recurve blade as I find it to be great for most cutting tasks, plus it looks real cool. I woul like to assemble a list of knives that have a recurve blade.

Very few limitations here really as far as I am concerned, actually only two. First no customs, unless the recurve is an integral part of the design such as on the DDR EDC. This is only really because I can ask a maker to make me a knife with just about any blade shape I want. My current EDC is a large TNT with recurve blade in Talonite. I also have a 3.5" DDR EDC on order that just might take over the role of EDC, or at the very least make me rotate the two.

Second I am mainly interested in larger blades that are more useful for EDC. I have a Chive, but don't feel it is a very good size for EDC. Lets say 3" - 4"(legal limit for NYC). I can think of the following:

Camillus EDC (had one, broke it, waiting on the "real deal" custom version)
Emerson Commander (have one, don't trust the lock 100%, and am not a huge fan of the chisel edge)
Kershaw Boa (will probably end up buying one eventually)
REKAT Carnivore (have a BF limited edition)
Benchmade Pinnacle (now discontinued)

I am not so much searching for an EDC knife as I already have one, and have a second knife on order. I am more looking to get an idea of what is out there, as I am toying with the idea of starting a collection of recurve knives. Oh, which brings up one last criteria it must be a folder. I have very little interest in knives that I can't use, and a don't have much use for a fixed blade.
Matt Cucchiara has plenty of recurve designs:

Although the Cold Steel Vaquero Grande is longer than your 3"-4" blade size, they also have the Large and Medium Vaqueros at 4" and 3". Under the previous names of El Hombre and El Lobo, these also came in plain edge.
It help on the draw cut by forcing the material being cut into the forward portion of the blade. This also results in shearing as the edge meets the material at an angle. Some knives, such as the BM 806 AFCK have the blade set forward at an angle to the handle to create the same effect.
How could I have forgotten the Amphebian?? Need to get me one of them.

And definetly one of the Matt Cucchiara frame locks too.
How good are those knives by Matt Cucchiara! I don't often fall in love with a knife at first sight, but theres something about those folders of his. I could buy half a dozen. Well, if Mrs Acolyte would let me...

Cheers, Acolyte.