Knowledge base suggestion

Just wondered how folks (I guess really Spark or Mike) would feel about updating the Knowledge Base/FAQ link to include some of the very informative threads found here over the past few months.

For instance, Joe Talmadge's review on sharpening the BM 710's recurve using the Spyderco 204, would be an item that's referenced often even though it's far from the generic nature of the existing FAQs.

How about including a Knowledge Base "Thread Links" or something of that sort, with the author and subject line (and maybe date).

I know we're supposed to use the search engine for some of these things, but even if the engine were working, having high value information in a focused area seems more efficient than telling legions of newbies to search the ever-growing archives.

As to determining content selection ... someone could nominate a thread and perhaps a minimum number of supporting votes, plus admins get the final say (since they have to do the work). Thoughts on this?

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Another idea to throw out. How about a top 50 (or whatever) list of the most frequently hit threads. This seems like something that could easily be automated and threads like the one mentioned above would obviously float to the top.

That would work for me. Good and bad side to this tho.

Good because this is automated and obsolete information theoretically deposes itself.

Bad because valuable reference information may slide off the list as the occasional high-volume nonsense chatter thread displaces it, tho I guess as the interest in the chatter drops, the good stuff floats back up (if you can still find it).

It would definitely be better than nothing tho.