Knowledgeable , patient Top drawer !

Sep 8, 2016
I wouldnt normally write up an accolade for an individual or a company without good cause but recent contact with Andrew from Kailash Blades has prompted me to do so . First this may sound strange but although I am the owner of several kukuris as well as numerous other style knives I do not own a Kailash blade ( yet ) ! this thread is based purely on my own personal contact via messaging and this website and of course I have read other peoples comments with Andrew and Kailash Blades.
First let me say that my opinion of Kailash Kukuris and knives have been formed by studying their website and what is on offer and also the other relevent information on their site regarding construction process , ethics , choices in construction materials , customers reviews etc and of course their own place here on Blade Forums . I also have to say that nothing seems to be a problem to Andrew no matter how many questions you ask when considering ordering from Kailash , so he seems to have bags of patience .
The main thing that impresses me about Andrew is his knowledge of the whole Kukuri concept and this includes the history and culture of Nepal , its people and of course the kukuri itself ! But not only that , what is more important from a customers point of view is that he also understands what makes a great kukuri , the ergonomics and shaping of the different style blades including weight and balance of what a working kukuri should be and why and what the customer wants any particular blade for which all helps determine that the customer receives what is right for them . Its just nice when you get someone who runs a company who is so knowledgeable about their products .
Hey there guys- thanks very much for the kind words.
We're of the view that making great knives is only one part of the equation. If we can put in just as much effort into making sure a customer is well informed, knows what knife is going to be best for their needs and how it is made then the overall experience is greatly improved. It helps that this is an area that I am very interested in and also still learning about every day. If there are discoveries, improvements, advances or changes then who better to discuss them with than customers.
Take care,
Andrew and the team at Kailash
Iv passed a few emails with Andrew and he is very patient. If you need to tweek something on your order he gets it done.
I currently own one of there Khukuris, a Chitlang and I have a MSI Khukuri being made by them as we speak, and iv changed a few things on the order and he was quick to respond.
I will be ordering there HSI model next.
Thanks for the kind words Erik- you're building up quite a collection!