KOBRA... a gift from Dad...

Apr 9, 2001
I am now OFFICALLY infected with HIKV
Walosi found it in his heart to part with his 25" Kobra and sent it my way. After about 30 minutes of unwrapping (16 layers of bubble wrap and two Godfather's Pizza bags... did the pizza delivery boy survive the mugging?) I finally layed my hands on what I have been reading about for the last few months...

WOW! Unfortunately, I had a mother and a high school senior walk in just as I unsheathed the mighty Kobra... good thing I have a divider screen up between my door and production room, I don't think that would have made a good impression (honey, go with the nice man with the big knife and have your photo taken... I'll be down at Dairy Queen). After they left, I got a chance to test the balance, sharpness, etc... I love it

The Kobra isn't as large as I thought it would be. I still think my next one will be a UBE or 18th Century model... or maybe an 18" AK... or a Malla... or the Katana.... Maybe it would be better to start alphabetically and work my way down

Thanks again Wal, you're the best!


When all else fails...JSTF :D