Koncept Knives


Jul 21, 1999
Does anyone know if Koncept Knives is still in business? They made a knife called "Back Alley Fighter" that was featured in a knife magazine about 4 or so years ago.
Am I the only one with this knife? Please post a message if you own this knife also.
Koncept Knives were around more like eight or nine years ago and probably have been gone around four or five.

I own a Back Alley Fighter and carried it for several years as my daily carry.

I thought I read somewhere that the original Koncept folks made artificial heart parts of some sort.

I also heard someone purchased Koncept before it disappeared from view and that the quality of the knives declined.

That’s all I know.


They are no longer in buisness. I am not sure how many models they produced. I have a small drop point folder with Alum. handles and ATS-34 blade. Its my daily carry. Great ergonomics. Its small but stoutly built. I gave my brother a slightly larger zytel handled Koncept folder that I did not like as well.
my first one-hander was a koncept(i cant remember which one, it was a drop-point model, about three inch blade or so, linerlock, zytel handles.
served me well, lock held up fine, but the pivot would periodically loosen and cause some wobble in the blade, but it tightened up real easy.
i think my girlfriend has it around someplace, but im not sure
i got mine from cutlery shoppe several years ago, maybe around when they were closing out.
I have the small drop point liner lock also...called the Snipe. Actually, I bought several of these. Really nice. If I'm not mistaken, Koncept was the name for the retail arm of the factory that produced them, Catocin (I'm not sure how to spell it). I think that they built some of the early Benchmade linerlocks, I have one produced by them called the Grasshopper under the Koncept label but made for Benchmade. Too bad that they are gone...there goes that lifetime guarantee.


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CYA - Koncept knives is no longer in business. The owners separated and are doing something else. I heard that there were a few parts left for the "Back Alley Fighter", but assembly is prohibitive.

You can Email me if you need additional information.