kopis style short sword

Feb 14, 2013

This is the perfect size! Not to small, not to big @ 21" over all with a 14" cutting edge. The 6" G10 handle fills the hand well and feels good when choked up for fine tasks or held at the butt for hard chopping. Made of .214" 5160 steel has been differentially heat treated and has a convex saber grind. Its razor sharp, holds it edge, and is super durable. $550 gets you this beauty shipped(in the USA) with sheath and a lifetime guarantee. The first i want it gets it! Payment can be sent by paypal to damon@studio308.com

Sorry to say I don't but I'd be happy to make you one :)
I prefer to use composite handle materials and can make what ever you want!
ive been wanting a handmade knife for years, had knives since pops hand me down old timer. recent ive justified a need for a machete, i dont own land, but dad loves to work on his. anyway i almost got another cold steel and i saw a ak7 of yours on blade hq. the acid etching the hamon the color scheme. just a little too small for want i want...found your site, found you on blade forums. this is a two birds one fine blade scenario for me buddy. id like to talk if youre able to keep the deal for me.
ive got ideas about handle color, questions about construction, pommel option..regular stuff i geuss! im patient and flexible, but ready to open mine up :D like i said i wouldve been proud to have the pictured unit and look forward to talking about the project!