Koster Knives Warranty and Returns Policy

Daniel Koster

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 18, 2001
If for any reason your knife fails, I will repair it for free - just cover return shipping.

If you just want it resharpened, it is free...just cover s/h.

If the failure is due to heat-treat, I will replace the knife free of charge at no cost to you (free s/h). I would, of course, appreciate being able to see the knife in person before making the replacement. I don't always have replacements available...but I do my best to stock a few extra blanks/steel should this occur. Nearly 5000 knives made so far and have only had a couple fail due to heat-treat. Peter's Heat-Treat does amazing work and is extremely reliable.

If the failure is due to handle materials, I will put a new handle on it for free and ship it back for free. And will touch up the blade while it's in the shop.

Daniel Koster
Koster Knives
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