Kris Cutlery Quality

Nov 2, 1999
Has anyone tried any of the Kris Cutlery products? According to their website they use 5160 differentially hardened. While I realize that you get what you pay for, I was considering their Katana (they also offer some nice knives and daggers)and I would like something with "cutting test" strength (I don't need another wall-hanger). I can see myself paying for a modern production piece like they produce for under $200 rather than 10 times as much for a "traditionally" forged modern masterpiece which is out of reach.
Opinions appreciated.

URL please.

If I'm not mistaken, they sell mostly Philippine-made knives and swords, right?

Just went to the site, thanks for the URL, Louis!

Hmm... wonder where those are made from. Looks cool, though I can't understand what they mean by "single edge"... Is that one-side ground only?

Go to the Sword Forums, at

There you will hear from sword enthusiasts, smiths, and experts, who can tell you anything you need to know.

Their recent online magazine includes a kris cutlery katana review. This is their "new" katana, with more traditional Japanese proportions and grinding. It performed and stood up well, regardless of price.

I do not have experience with Kris Cutlery, but I certainly want their katana on my next visit home.

Eric Takabayashi
Fukuyama, Japan

Eric hit it right on. SwordForums has had extensive discussions and reviews on the performance of the KC Kat. Bottom line- best performing low priced kat, bar none.

I own a KC Chinese Darn Dao that is very nicely finished and performs like a champ! I put it through all the cutting and impact tests that custom swordmakers put their swords through and it passed with flying colors. It cuts through dense targets very well with never any damage to the edge. I train with it all the time. This Dao is amazing for $300.



Tuvo muy mala callo en mi cuchillo.

I recently got a Gladius (roman short sword) from them. This is NO wall hanger. The fit and finsh were good. The performance was better - it's a great cut & thrust sword. The heat treating appears good and the blade was sharp. For the money you can't find anything to compare. Unless you're sold on the Katana I'd recommend you look closly at the Gladius.
Does Kris Cutlery import their Filipino Espada y Daga or do they make em themselves? WHere are they made? Shoudl I ask them directly?

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Kris cutlery does import their Espada y Daga from the Philippines. Cecil's blade smiths make them and for sure their blades perform! I also did some extensive testing on their blades and now I have several. For the money you will pay for theirs swords, you can't beat it. They are not art swords, but swords you can use for play or for actual defense! You can see the new KC website at:

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The blades are V- ground. The only blade that I can remember that has a chisel type edge is the discontinued Talibon. I have seen one almost take a whole index finger off by sliding over it!
This was an old thread but it came back.. thanks for the responses.. I just got intrested in kriscutlery again

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