Kydex carry for MOD - Trident...HELP!!!

Jan 11, 1999
I am interetsed in the MOD Auto Trident. How would you best carry this knife for a defensive tactical folder? Kydex IWB carry? Front pocket? Kidney IWB?
Etc... alos where is the best place to purchase one of these beauts?


David P Sproles
Eagle Scout Class of 1988 or
From: Ivan6-19-99 1019 Pm edt Sproles , I just picked upa MOD Trident from a friend. He is a parttime knife dealer and I got it from him for his cost. But he is a friend of mine. I only paid $ 155.00 for it .I dont carry it because it is such a neat knife that I just keep it in the neat box it comes in. I carry my Smith Auto insstead!. I have seen Tridents for sale on triple for over or around $200.00and one is on the Bladeauction right now. Ivan
If your interested in one of these knives,I recommend giving Jeff of Confederate Cutlery a try.He has a great website,fast,excellent service,and quick e-mail responses.He also will consider taking your(NIB) or used but excellent condition tactical knives in on a trade for a new knife you may want.His prices are also very reasonable.Here's his website address check him out.
Take Care,RS