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Kydex for Cold Steel

Jan 13, 1999
Is there a standard kydex sheath for the Cold Steel line out there somewhere? I might get the Bush Ranger if I can find the right sheath.
Blade-tech makes all of Cold Steels Concealex sheaths at this time. The Master Hunter, Recon Tanto, and SRK are all available From CS. We are adding new ones to thier line all the time, currently we are nearing are ship dates for both the lightweight and Gurka Kukries, the Master Tanto, and two new injection molded sheaths for the 3" & 5" Cullodens as well as the Delta Dart.
The Bush Ranger and trailmaster are on the to do list for this next year. We are glad to take custom orders, but we are backlogged 6-8 weeks at this time.
ANY ? call: 253-581-4347 or visit our website @www.blade-tech.com
Tim Wegner