Kydex for Sierra Scout?


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Feb 6, 2007
Anyone know where I could order a kydex fold over sheath for my newly aquired NWA Sierra Scout (2007 BFSK). I just picked it up from another member and absolutely love it. I will be on the watch for another...... Anyway, the leather is top shelf, but sometimes I want some plastic for attachment to my packs sternum strap while hiking. I am interested in finding something that wont require sending in the knife.....

Any ideas?

Thanks gang!!
I don't know if you'll have much luck finding a kydex sheath maker with an in-house NWA Sierra Scout. The odds are you'll have to the send the knife in.

If you are willing to send the knife in, I can recommend both Mike Billman of Grindstone Cutlery and Kiah Stinson of Kiahdex Sheath Systems. Kiah has a subforum here you can check out. Mike Billman made this sheath for my Scout, and I love it:





Kiah does excellent work as well, and while I usually get stacked/pancake sheaths from him, I'm sure he could put together a nice fold-over for you.
Thanks for the info. That sheath looks awesome! How do you like your scout? I intend on using mine for hunting and general use this year. Now if I could oly get one in a 6" - 7" blade too......
I love my scout. It's the one fixed blade I've kept, though others have come and gone. I don't have much hunting experience yet, but for a general outdoors belt knife, it's excellent :thumbup: Nick makes larger knives, browse this sub and you'll come across em :thumbup: