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Kydex GW sheath without sending knife in?

Jul 28, 2003

I'm looking to get a kydex sheath for my Yellow-SAR Game Warden (0.2 " thickness). I'm not keen on mailing my knife away, especially across the border (Canada customs previously held a Mora 2000 of mine for 3 months).

Does anyone know if someone already has a pattern for this, or perhaps the 0.17" GW? (a little heat should help the 0.2" fit)
Try contacting Eric at On/Scene Tactical, he's in Canada and does great work. Doubt he has a .2" GW though.

He could use yours as a pattern, then I wouldn't have to send mine to Canada :rolleyes:


Thanks everyone!

I think I'll get in touch with Dave Brown. Looking for a horizontal belt sheath.
Also recommend David Brown. Judging by this thread http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=442250 I think he can help you out.

You mean this Dave Brown?


Oh, Yeah!! Great guy, Great Sheaths!
Hi Everybody,

Thanks to everyone that recomended me, I really appreciate it. :thumbup:

I just got a SAR Warden from Skunk so I have all three sizes in house.
.020 SAR
.017 Double cut Tan handle
.014 Satin finish Tiger striped handle
.014 satin Orange Warden

I also offer lots of colors :

Blaze Orange :eek:
Neon Yellow
Coyote Brown
Chocolate Brown
carbon Fiber
Royal Blue
Neon Green
Cadet Blue
Neon Pink
Woodland Camo
Flame overlays at a bit of an up-charge:D

And of course Black :D

Please e-mail me & I can fix you up.

Also I am just about caught up after my back problem; so delivery will be with-in a week or two after payment, for all those that have been waiting thank you very much for your patience & understanding.
You got BLACK kydex? WOW!!!!!:D :D :D

Hope all is goin' great for ya this new year, Bro.
Get the FLAME OVERLAY... All of your Biker Buds will be jealous! :D :thumbup:

Seriously, I love my Flamin' Buy Brown sheath, even if it's a little different in size... :)


Man that is an oldie

I think that was one of my first 3 flame sheaths & that SHSH used to be mine then it was Bravado's, then.........................:D
Man that is an oldie

I think that was one of my first 3 flame sheaths & that SHSH used to be mine then it was Bravado's, then.........................:D

I picked it up from Bravado....
Now it's MINE - ALL MINE - THE PRECIOUS !!! :D :thumbup:

Thanks for the history, Dave!

And thanks for the great sheaths - I'll be in touch soon for another...

Here are a few pics :D






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Very nice!

Order sent. I was thinking about neon pink with flames, but with the yellow handled SAR GW I thought it might be a bit over the top. It's one thing to be able to find it if you drop it, but yet another to be visible from space :)
David Brown,
Can you do kydex sheaths for the new Swamp Rat HR LM with out my knife?
Ron Athay
Just curious, what purpose the top hole (matching to the hole in the GW) plays in retention?
If you route something through it, such as a bit of paracord, one of those twist ties used to keep bread fresh, etc. it will lock the knife into the sheath. Useful if you ever need to jump out of an airplane or go through heavy brush or whatnot. I would like to find a tiny carabiner to attach to a belt loop and then through the hole when needed, but I have yet to find one that small.