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Kydex help needed

Hey there I recently got a next generation ka-bar with new kydex sheath and need some help big time. The side of the knife gets scratced each time I put the knife in the sheath and take it out! Please help!
Oct 3, 1998
I believe you should contact the retailer or manufacturer before trying to remedy kydex problems on your own. In the event that you should mess up the sheath it is best when it happens under the manufactures guidance.
First things first though... try to get the retailer to give you an exchange for a package that is not defective.
If all fails then mess with the goods yourself. Recently a thread addressing kydex adjustments was just run.


When I make a Kydex sheath, it is for an individual knife. I will put a layer or two of masking tape on it, depending on how tight I want it to fit, before I form the Kydex. Kydex will scratch some but part of the scratching problem may be dirt or dust between the knife and Kydex. If you are worried about ruining the sheath, Kydex can be formed many times as long as you don't overheat it. If you just need to change part of the sheath, only heat that part that needs changing because you can do it. When it turns out right, you will be the owner of a custom modified Kydex sheath. Hope this has helped you some. Have faith and God Bless You. Ray Kirk
I was going to start a thread about this, but that would be kind of stupid, so I might as well sqeak it in here...

I'd love to have a kydex tri-fold wallet. Maybe with titanium pivots
. Anyone want to send me some scrap Kydex so I can see how it'd work?

I need a bigger bucket.
When I make a Holster or sheath with kydex I break the mouth edges with a file and sand smooth. If the scratches are caused by a bur of kydex or a metal filing from a gromet put some fine sandpaper on popcicle stick and smooth it out. Wash it out with soap and water and inspect. The kydex is so hard a grain of sand between the Knife and sheath will scratch the finish on the blade.
good luck!

Ray Carr