Kydex Sheaths and Deployment

Nov 8, 1998
Received my MD Operator, yesterday. Found the knife a bit difficult to deploy because of the friction between the knife and the sheath.
Solution : I treated the blade and the part of the handle that goes into the Kydex sheath with Armorall . It DEFINITELY reduces friction and makes the knife easier to withdraw without making it likely to "deploy itsself" by dropping out of the inverted neck sheath.
Armorall is great stuff with Kydex, G10 and Kydex. Tried it with all of them.....ABS plastic, as well.

Brian W E
ICQ #21525343


Usually when kydex sheaths are fresh and just made, it is very difficult to pull the knife out of the sheath. After numerous withdrawals of the knife, the fit becomes more loose.

It is highly likely that you will not need Armorall in the near future!
Well.....kept the stuff off the upper handle of the Operator because it is smooth.
From my experience, textured surfaces (scales on the AFCK, Spydie Wegner etc} do not suffer.
Learnt my lesson back in the mid-seventies when I took delivery of a new Kawasaki 650/4.
The young man who was helping out in the shop had "done" the seat with Armorall.
It was, then, the most powerfull bike I had ridden and my ride home was fairly tentative.
Every time I hit the brakes (pretty often), I slid onto the tank. Frightened the crap out of me.
And, Ronald....."wearing in" is the first stage of "wearing out"

IMO, if it does not fit when you get it, it is FAULTY !
The manufacturer is supposed to make it right in the first attempt.
Every warranty claim is a FAILURE on the manufacturer's part.
'course it depends on the price

Brian W E
ICQ #21525343

I use Krylon Industrial Silicon spray (sprayed on a cloth) on kraton, zytel, kydex, etc. As Brian E found with Armorall, my grip on textured surfaces is not adversely affected. I would, however, avoid using any such products on any smooth surface that needs to be firmly gripped.

I got lazy last year and paid for a "deluxe" car wash on my mud-caked Explorer. They did a great overall job... except for the application of Armorall to my leather-covered steering wheel.
It was downright scary how easily it slid through my fingers on my first turn.